You Can Now Buy 3D Printed Jewellery & Accessories on Amazon

Amazon New 3d Printing Store Launch Fashion You Can Now Buy 3D Printed Jewellery & Accessories On Amazon

Amazon has just launched 3D Printing Store, and you can now buy print-on-demand  products (in other words, your purchases will only be printed after you’ve paid the bill.)

What really caught our attention was the 3D printed jewellery and the 3D printed tech accessories available for men3D Printed Bridge Bracelet, Customizable cufflinks, and 3D Printed iPhone cases and many more.

While the store did make us feel like we’re finally a step closer to living in a 3D printed world (you can also buy 3D printer and related supplies from Amazon now) we think the products offered on the site still lack of a certain level of stylishness and trendiness, especially to many fashion conscious consumers. In other words, when we look at the products, we’d most probably go “Oh, this ring is 3D printed! So cool!” and not “Oh, this is a very stylish ring!.”

Anyhow, go over now and have a look. Fresh out of oven this Monday, fellas.


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