The Mindful Company Reminder Bands

The Mindful Company Reminder Bands The Mindful Company Reminder Bands

Singapore-based The Mindful Company isn’t exactly a jewellery brand – they’re more of a lifestyle brand that advocates the idea of mindfulness with a mission to create timeless, beautiful and meaningful products that enrich your life. (Somehow, this ethos reminds me of Apple the computer company.)

These Reminder Bands are very minimalist – the design is so simple that they’ll likely go unnoticed if not for their lustrous plating. Made of hypoallergenic and durable stainless steel, these unisex bracelets are suitable for all settings, whether you’re at work or exercising. (The bands’ anti-tarnish coatings protect them against sweat.) Reminder Bands are available in gold, rose gold and silver. Go with rose gold if you worry about skin tone matching. And of course, personally, I’m the gold type!

Me Reminder Band2 The Mindful Company Reminder BandsMe and my band

Mindful Company Reminder Bands Review The Mindful Company Reminder Bands

Retailed at SGD58 (or $43), these classy bracelets are affordable.

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