GoodBye Power Bank, Hello QBracelet

Qbracelet Stylish Phone Charger GoodBye Power Bank, Hello QBracelet

Although power banks (or juice packs) are very handy at times, the idea of having to lug around an extra piece of device after my iPhone is a little bothering – especially on those days when I don’t really carry many stuff to warrant the need for a bag or a man purse.

You see. Some brilliant minds at Q Designs thought about this, and they thought about the wearable tech trend. Perhaps the solution isn’t as ground-breaking, but it does look more fashionable and “wearable” than the Google Glass, IMHO.

Enter QBracelet. It is basically a juice pack in the form of a stylish bracelet. It works for Android, iPhone and Windows.

It will be retailed at USD 99, but you can now pre-order for USD 79.

AND, it does come in GOLD.

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Images by Q Designs


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