Bellroy: Slim Your Wallet

Men Fat Wallet Bellroy Bellroy: Slim Your Wallet

If you think your wallet has taken on a life of its own that just can’t stop putting on more weight (which can be a good sign, no?) like the organism on the right side of the picture above, we’ll remind you again that you can actually tame the monster with a little house-keeping and maybe a new wallet.

Just in time for holiday season (aha that’s when you’re going to use your wallets more often), I stumbled upon Bellroy’s “Slim Your Wallet” page and it’s such a perfect reminder to check my own wallet. 

Bellroy Hall Of Shame Bellroy: Slim Your WalletKidding. (Forever a lost child because nobody would want to claim the ownership.)

I haven’t seen the actual product in person but here’s some shots from Bellroy and they look really promising. Manly and stylish:

Bellroy Wallet Malaysia Bellroy: Slim Your WalletCurrent range: 10 different models
Bellroy Travel Wallet Bellroy: Slim Your WalletBellroy Travel Wallet
Bellroy Hide Seek Wallet Malaysia Bellroy: Slim Your WalletThe “Hide n Seek” model
Bellroy Very Small Bellroy: Slim Your WalletThe “Very Small” model (Yes that’s the name)

Do you own one? Let me know what you think because I’m putting it on my shopping list.

If you’re in Malaysia, Bellroy is available at Pestle & Mortar located at Subang Jaya and Bangsar (we’ve seen their clothing line back in May), or we can always order from Bellroy’s own online store (They’re in Australia. USD8.00 shipping to Malaysia. #WIN)

Pestle Mortar Bellroy Bellroy: Slim Your WalletBellroy at Pestle & Mortar flagship store display @ Bangsar

Share with us if you’ve stumbled upon something similar, or you can always show us pictures of your slim/fat wallet if you don’t mind (and we won’t judge haha)

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