8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

Things She Hates Men Style 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

** Oftentimes, we get lost in the sea of shiny new things and latest trends seen on the street style photos. We rejoice over those that we own, and swoon over the new ones – oh, how I wish I could have those shoes! In the midst of digging those, have you ever wonder what women really think about our wardrobe? Read what our female contributor has got to say. – Max Law **

By Pam Cheing

Dear men of the Universe, you can probably get away with the standard t-shirt and jeans look as long as you keep your body hair trimmed neatly and your fingernails look clean.

After all, 9 times out of 10, a woman is dating you not because of your fine clothing choices, but simply because you have pretty eyes or hair that looks like it’ll be fun to run our fingers through. That is – until you commit a fashion faux pas so horrendous that no woman above the legal age would want to be seen next to you!

Fashion in the 21st century can be rather daunting, so here’s a quick guide to what clothing items you should never ever wear to impress your date:

#8: Leather Pants

Leatherpants 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

What’s manlier than owning a pair of pants that’s also usually worn by Wolverine and Jon Bon Jovi, right?  We get it – leather is just plain sexy. Regardless of whether it’s made from PU or real animal skin, something about black leather is really edgy and whip-worthy.

The problem is that things that are tight fitting also tend to make certain male anatomic parts really, really uncomfortable. Nobody really wants to see a male camel toe and also, leather makes your butt sweat a lot.

What Women Prefer: Trade your leather pants for black slacks instead and pair it with a leather jacket for a manly effect minus the uncomfortable fitting and weird smell.  Alternatively, you might want to channel your inner bad boy vibe with a trench coat instead.

#7: Manpris

Manpris 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

Capri pants for men are also infamously referred to as “Manpris”, which are basically three-quarter pants worn by blokes who can’t decide between shorts or long pants.

These pants may look like a good idea, but it’s not. For one thing, it looks like the tailor ran out of material for your pants and it also makes your legs look extra short at the same time. Besides manpris, we also recommend that you stay away from its ugly cousin, the ankle pants.

What Women Prefer: Guys, it’s not rocket science. If you’re cold, wear trousers. If you’re hot, wear shorts.

#6: Deep V-Neck Shirts

Vneck 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

The male collarbone is really sexy, but showing off male cleavage is not. The public does not need a peekaboo show of your manly chest hair! As a rule of thumb, your v-neck shirt should only dip a few inches below your collarbone.

What Women Prefer: To better show off your upper body in a more palatable manner, try a long sleeve shirt with a tighter fit or a crew neck shirt. Brownie points if you get your date to touch your flexed biceps while you casually mention about “working out a little” without actually having to take your shirt off.

#5: Sagging Pants

Justin Bieber Shirtless Sagging Pants 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

How on earth are we supposed to take you seriously when you can’t even wear the right pants for your waist size? Either pull your pants up and get a new belt or fit yourself with decent, respectable pants because nobody really cares if you’re wearing Calvin Klein underwear. Also, pants that are overly large can actually add 5kg to your overall look, which is not at all sexy.

What Women Prefer: The holy trinity of the ugliest pants men have been known to wear are: sagging pants, baggy pants and pants with too much detailing. Always keep your pants classy, no matter what season it is.

#4: Tribal Jewellery

Tribal Jewelry Men 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

Many men above the age of 14 owns one or two pieces of tribal jewellery, whether it’s made of hemp, shells, tribal beads, leather cords or sadly – all of the above.  The thing is that unless you made the piece yourself, or unless it has some sort of deep significance to yourself as a person, then wearing a random necklace, bracelet, toe ring or ear ring doesn’t exactly impress us with your maturity.

What Women Prefer: If you’re over two decades old, it’s time to trade in your tribal jewellery for something that’s much more elegant, like a simple white or gold chain. Or better yet, don’t wear any jewellery at all. If you simply must show off the shark tooth that you found on one of your epic island holidays, try showcasing it at home instead for great coffee conversation minus the bad fashion statement.

#3: Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts Fashion Faux Pas 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

Do you know where Hawaiian shirts are best worn? Only in Hawaii. Not everyone can pull off wearing short sleeve button down shirts, and even fewer can make wearing these floral shirts awesomely cool. And for the record, wearing sunglasses with your Hawaiian shirt does not help with the WOW factor at all.

What Women Prefer: If you really must wear your cherished Hawaiian shirt, only do so at beach-themed parties or during your island holidays. Watch out that you do not get mistaken for a cabana boy!

#2: The Funny T-Shirt

Shirts 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

Maybe you’re a shy guy, so you try to make up for your lack of conversation skills with a wise-ass shirt.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if you’re hoping to attract mature women. It also makes things awkward especially when you’re wearing an obscene shirt and bump into your friends, family or even your boss. More importantly, you might think you’re just having fun but all it says to us is that you don’t really care enough to dress up to impress your date.

What Women Prefer: Having said that, you don’t have to completely overhaul your t-shirt collection! Wear these shirts around the house or when you’re having a boy’s night out instead.

#1: The Skinny Jeans

Street Style Men In Skinny Pants 8 Things She Hates About Your Wardrobe

Once upon a time, a fashion designer somewhere literally interpreted the saying, “getting into a girl’s pants” and skinny jeans for men were born.

We have nothing against the skinny jeans concept because it really does make legs look longer, thinner and it is very versatile as well. But let’s be honest though – only women should wear skinny jeans whereas guys should stick to regular cut jeans.

If you need some extra incentive, just remember that the tightness of skinny jeans can lead to low sperm count and repeated fungal infections as well.

What Women Prefer: Donate your skinny jeans to your girlfriend and update your wardrobe with manly pants instead.

What say you?

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