10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

10 Fashion Blogs Follow 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

THOUSANDS and millions of new fashion blogs mushroom everyday. Some fashion bloggers blog about the hottest trend on the pan, while some love to showcase their very unique perspective of style. My Feedly has no more than 30 RSS subscriptions and I’ve already considered that’s quite A LOT to keep up with.

But there are always blogs that stay around longer than your last pair of jeans. Me and Jayzee have curated a list of 10 fashion blogs that we actually follow on a regular basis. We think they worth following a lot more than they do, based on the authors’ passion towards life and the inspirations they generated.

The Sartorialist Blog 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

The Sartorialist


Editor: Scott Schuman

Jayzee: Famous street style photographer Scott Schuman, whose works have been featured in GQ, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, started his blog with the idea of articulating the world of fashion through his lens. He shows how fashion relates to our daily life.

Back in 2005, Scott began to take pictures of people who groom in a way that caught his eyes on the streets of New York City. He then posted them to his blog and added his personal insights. His philosophy is to echo the fashion designers’ point of view on the street.


Jak Jil Streetstyle Blog 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Jak and Jil


Editor: Tommy Ton

Max: I’d say he is the younger and the hipster version of the reigning street-style king, Scott Schuman. The blog author is Tommy Ton, who’s a Canadian photographer. His interest in fashion was pretty much inspired by Tom Ford, who he saw on TV when he was a kid. He started working in fashion when he was only 15, and went on to master photography through self-taught and attending classes.

What sets Jak and Jil apart from other street-style blogs is that instead of the normal head-to-toe shots, Tommy opts for candid shots that capture details of the object and interesting styling of the subject. In a way, his works are showing you the actual fun of fashion, and it’s not just about telling you who made the bags or the coat.


Mr Porter Blog 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Mr. Porter’s Journal


Editor: Jeremy Langmead

Jayzee: “With men, you just can’t shout ‘Shop shop shop!’ ” says Langmead, the editor-in-chief of Mr.Porter.com, previously work as an editor in Esquire UK, who successfully created an editorial site where mens fell into their enjoyable journey of shopping online.

Mr Porter also launch exclusive collections on their online store. From O’Keeffe Milo brogues to the book “The Debt to Pleasure” by John Lanchester, Mr Porter fulfil your physical and mental needs.

No doubt, my personal favourite, bookmark it or you’ll miss the glory of the moon!


Ann Street Studio Blog Tumblr 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Ann Street Studio


Editor: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

Max: This tumblr blog was originally named “From-Me-To-You“. The new name and domain was only used since last year (if not mistaken). This is not particular a fashion blog as it’s also about travel, photography and lifestyle – and yet this lovely couple always looks stylish, chic and fashionable. (I’ve been following them even before they’re married.)

Jamie is a photographer while Kevin is visual graphics artist. I would say they make the most powerful couple in fashion blogging after Scott Schuman and Garance Dore.

From shooting for Chopard, editorial for LoveGold, to their safari trip in Africa, Jamie’s photos are always very elegant and tranquil. Jamie has a very classic chic style that I admire.

Not to mention they are also the original creator of Cinemagraphs, the cinematic animated GIF.


Secret Fort Blog 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Secret Forts


Editor: James Wilson

Jayzee: Zero words needed to introduce the blog – pictures overwriting alphabets, telling stories that you could only feel instead of describing. James’s blog, Secret Forts is inspired by the American culture; inherit from his past years living in Nashville cutting woods, crafting furniture and preparing sets, reflecting his notion of “doing what I love” onto the blog.

The rustic photographs recorded the people he met. The very stylish carpenter is away from trend but always gear in his very own style. The site also features amazing traveling photos, and of course, including pictures of James himself.


Put This On Blog 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Put This On


Editor: Jesse Thorn & Derek Guy

Max: Jesse Thorn is like a headmaster of a school called “Menswear” – he definitely knows how to teach you to dress like a man. His another identity is an American radio show host and creator, working mainly on the show “Bullseye with Jesse Thorn” (a radio program about arts and culture).

If you’re very much into classic menswear like suit, tie and jacket, this would be a very good library. My favourite part of this blog is the web series, and they’re also released in DVD. Here’s one of the espisode about “Elegant”:

[vimeo link=”http://vimeo.com/50680588″ width=”600″ height=”340″]


Style Girlfriend Blog 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Style Girlfriend


Editor: Megan Collins

Jayzee: There are rarely any female menswear blogger around, but surprisingly here’s one – viewing and judging menswear from a female perspective. Collins not only earned tons of followings, but also won herself some opportunities in Hollywood.

Megan loves men’s fashion since her second grade back in the school, motivated by a Milwaukee Bucks pullover jacket (at least that’s what she said).

How lucky to have a partner just like Megan who can do the mix and match for you?!


Art Of Manliness 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

The Art of Manliness


Editor: Brett McKay & Kate McKay

There are things our father never really told us or taught us about – that’s because their fathers never done that as well. This blog is dedicated to educate the millennials about the lost art of being a man. My favourite quote from the blog:

(On men’s magazines)… With more and more articles about sex and how to get six pack abs. Was this all there was to being a man?

Created by Brett McKay and his wife, this testosterone-filled journal isn’t just all about the manly skills and behaviours. The section I frequent most: Dress & Grooming.

How to shave like your Grandpa? How to prevent swamp crotch? (well, never really thought about that.) How to Remove and Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains? – Things that are rarely talked about when you’re with a group of trendy and stylish young men.


Contemporary Standard 10 Fashion Blogs We Actually Follow

Contemporary Standard


Editor: Henry Grigoletti

Jayzee: Tons of Italian inspired style blogs out there. But here’s one run by a real Italian stylish man in Italy – Contemporary Standards by Henry Grigoletti.

The site features interviews with Italian industry insiders, preview of brands’ production space and educational content. If you love Italian sense of style, you’re likely to find your Neverland once you enter the page – the site’s information is full to the brim. I doubt your eyes could resist the Italian styles.


The Coveteur Blog

The Coveteur


Editor: Stephanie Mark, Erin Kleinberg and team

Max: I’m always interested in knowing how other creative people work, especially how their workspace look like, what they love personally, and their personal collections and closets (of course!) The Coveteur is the answer for my prayer.

Stephanie and Erin started the blog in 2011 with the aim to give readers access into the style-makers personal spaces and wardrobes from all around the world. The “coveteur-ed” personalities range from editors, bloggers, CEOs, models to philanthropists. Although more than half of the featured creatives are female, the male features are already interesting enough.

I bet our recommendations are not too shabby. 🙂 What fashion (or non-fashion) blogs do you follow? Share with us in the comments.

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