Webby Winner! The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung

I am such a big fan of this educational series called “The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung” produced by British Vogue and I’m very happy that it bagged one of the awards at the Webby Awards 2016! (I guess my vote counts. Teehee!)

Although Alexa’s style and funny personality might have played a big part of why I fell in love with this series, it’s the truly inspiring content that tugged my heartstrings. These brilliant videos provide insider views catered to the general public that no other magazine has done before. It broke down the “Elitism” barrier (as a fashion blogger, I have experienced this barrier firsthand, personally) and opened the doors to the fashion hopeful muggles, whether you’re a teen dreaming about becoming a fashion designer or a middle-aged man considering a serious job offer in the fashion industry.

Can’t wait for more videos to come. Watch the series above.

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  • AMAZING, Max!! I can see why you love the series. It is so enlightening.

    Okie, I have a confession to make here, truthfully. I have never understood what is such a big deal about Alexa, to be honest, all these while and never really followed her journey or what-so-ever, but after watching this, I understood now why she is who she is and have reached where she is now. I have a new found respect for her. She is very witty, and super honest, actually. You can even spot her likes or dislikes with a certain person on screen (haha), and she is very quick-witted. I love this sort of interviews, where she does it almost like very spontaneously, but of course, we know that there were very much, lots of prep work that has gone into it prior to shooting this, yet, it comes across on screen with a certain authenticity and rawness to it. Marvellous indeed!

    Partly, I also believe it is her innate passion towards the fashion itself that lends to her inquisitive questions and the way she approaches her subject matters and the interviewees! Smart of Vogue UK to do such a series, and I believe the original idea came from Alexa herself.

    Fashion law, PR, branding, so much are being covered in this series alone, amazing content! Very good ending there from Leandra Medine (I vaguely heard or come across her brand long time ago, I think), and profound advise from a quirky person like her.

    Don’t try and be something for everybody but be everything for somebody. So so true and I am surprised that she said it is important to be vulnerable in all things we do… which helps to make crucial decisions in life. A very different answer to the typical questions you get about being an entrepreneur and I come to also learnt something from her, there is a difference between being an entrepreneur and being business savvy.

    This video come at a very opportune timing for me.. as I am actually contemplating where I am heading with LUMINNEJ. I need to do more thinking after this! haha

    Thanks for sharing this, super great one, Max. I believe you aspire to move towards this direction I feel, with your creative stories. That’s the way to go!

    Let’s catch up over coffee soon *_^

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ