Speake-Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

Peter Speake Marin Malaysia Workshop Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

Just as Mr Guillaume Tetu mentioned about him during our interview session, the renowned master watchmaker Mr Peter Speake-Marin walked by us in the room – he was actually also there in Khronos Unique Horlogerie for the exhibition.

Speake-Marin “A Piccadilly Revisit” Media Workshop happened the next day, and I was very fortunate to be invited to join him in the workshop to learn more about his horological journey and his latest collection. This was the first time he brought along his watchmaking tool – the rounding up (or topping) tools – to Asia for the exhibition.

Speake Marin Media Workshop Malaysia Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

Speake Marin Media Workshop Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

Peter Speake Marin Profile Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIADMr Peter Speake-Marin on his watchmaking story

Mr Peter Speake-Marin is a British watchmaker and he’s been in the industry for more than 2o years.

His watchmaking journey began at 17, when he entered London’s Hackney Technology College and studied watchmaking in 1985. He later furthered his education at the Swiss watchmaking school WOSTEP in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Upon completing his study, he returned to England and worked for a few different companies, and eventually ended up with Somio Antiques in Piccadilly Arcade, London as the head of the antique watch section. The posting at Somio Antiques became the most important period of his career as it helped developing his passion and molded his watchmaking DNA and style.

He moved back to Switzerland 7 years later and worked for Renaud & Papi. During that period, he developed his first work under the label Speake-Marin: a tourbillon pocket watch named the “Foundation Watch“. It is the foundation for his future works in his eponymous brand Speake-Marin.

Speake Marin Foundation Watch Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIADThe Foundation Watch

Since the establishment in 2002, Speake-Marin has released an impressive number of unique collections and commissioned works. This video gives you a glimpse of his works:

 Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

The latest collection launched in 2013 was Triad.

Speake Marin Triad Malaysia Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIADSpeake-Marin Triad

 Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

Speake Marin Triad Detail Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIADA more detailed view
Speake Marin Triad Back Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIADBack view

Triad is a new artistic timepiece inspired by the number “3” – featuring triple hour-minute indicator on top of another 3 wheels over the dial. Triad will be a limited edition and there’ll only be 88 pieces produced.

If you look at Triad and other Speake-Marin watches carefully, you’d notice there’s a wheel shape design element repeatedly appears in different parts of the watches. The element is identical to the logo of Speake-Marin – this is where the topping tools comes in.

Speake Marin Logo Topping Wheel Speake Marin: The Master Watchmaker & TRIAD

Speake-Marin logo was inspired by the driving wheel of the topping tools.

Speake-Marin Topping Tools

Watch rounding up toolsWatchmaking Topping tools
Watch Topping Tools PartsThe Driving Wheel attached to the Wheel Holder.

Topping Tools Drawer

More Speake-Marin collections at the workshop and exhibition:

Speake Marin Spirit CollectionThe “Spirit” Collection

Speake-Marin Spirit Details

Piccadilly Quantieme PerpetuelPiccadilly Quantieme Perpetuel
Marin 1 MK2Marin 1 MK2
The iconic Piccadilly Case by Speake-MarinThe iconic Piccadilly Case by Speake-Marin
Speake-Marin HMSHMS Collection

Speake-Marin HMS Details

Speake-Marin HMS Back

Speake Marin DragonDragon

On differentiating Speake-Marin from the rest of the independent watchmakers, Mr Peter once said in an interview:

“The simplest way to explain is that my work is a representation of who I am as a watchmaker. Each individual is unique therefore if what you design comes from creative, genuine originality opposed to simply designing a product, that watch or what ever the resulting work is will be unique.” – Peter Speake-Marin

The statement is very much reflected on all of his works: each of his watches is creatively very different and unique, yet the “consistent uniqueness” still conveys a very strong Speake-Marin identity.

From design aesthetic point of view, if the word for HAUTLENCE is “Architecture”, I think the word for Speake-Marin is “Organic”.

Peter Speake-Marin Malaysia Triad Collection

Mr Peter is such an inspiring person and it’s really an honour meeting him. For more details about Speake-Marin watches, visit the official website, or drop by Khronos-Unique Horlogerie @ Starhill.

Hope you enjoy this post.

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