Shirts Culture Custom Tailor Online Malaysia Interview: ShirtsCulture
20/03/2014 Stories

Interview: ShirtsCulture

ShirtsCulture: A brief session with co-founder Andreas Olsson. ShirtsCulture is a local online store that lets you buy…

Burberry Story History The Burberry Story
15/01/2014 Stories

The Burberry Story

What about Burberry? A walk through the origin and history of the luxury brand Burberry.

Raf Simons Profile Brand History Bio Who Is Raf Simons?
02/10/2013 Stories

Who is Raf Simons?

Introducing Raf Simons: A furniture-designer-turned-fashion-designer and his eponymous label.

Dockers Color Khakis Interviewing Dockers®
27/03/2013 Stories

Interviewing Dockers®

Interviewing Dockers®: Shaun Lee Lewis, Global Director of Collaborations and PR was in town, and I was invited…

Ben Sherman Brand Profile Ben Sherman
15/03/2013 Stories

Ben Sherman

Brand Profile: Ben Sherman represents the preppy 60s modernist style with a little touch of Rockabilly

Viktor Rolf Brand Profile Logo Viktor & Rolf
04/03/2013 Stories

Viktor & Rolf

Introduction to Viktor & Rolf: A fashion house founded by 2 fashion students from Netherlands, Viktor Horsting and…