The 2014 Summer Shoes

Summer Spring 2014 Shoes Men Trend The 2014 Summer Shoes
I hardly pay attention to shoes while watching runway or checking out the runway photos. The possible reasons being:

  1. The models walk too fast / my eyes are too slow (whoops…);
  2. Most of the time they are full body shot, rarely close-up;
  3. Spending on the classic and affordable shoes would be my priority (or so I thought) so I would rather not pay attention to them AT ALL to avoid updating my shopping list every 5 minutes

But then again, that means I might be missing out on the hard work and the new creative idea the designers poured into these eye candies. A look is never complete without accessories, and what’s more, a man never step out of his house without wearing shoes.

So today, let’s take a look at this curated gallery of spring summer shoes meant for your feet in 2014. You can already see the returning of the rather bulky men sandals.

Which one would be your favourites?

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