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Second to shorts, sandals would be another fixture on my list of best convenient friends when the weather is all humid and blazing hot.

Because of the nature of their construction and design, sandals are generally less casual then sneakers (of course) but more presentable than flip-flops. Having said that, sandals could never replace sneakers (not even on a Casual Friday, IMO).

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I have not been a fan of sandals as I think they are not as chic as espadrilles (they are fashion no-no, conventionally) but my perception changed when I came across more and more images and styling that prove otherwise.

My interest in sandals grew to new height when I discovered these creatively revisited “gladiator” sandals by Givenchy:

Givenchy Gladiator Sandals Men Men SandalsGivenchy Spring/Summer 2010 Gladiator Sandals
Givenchy Sandals Men Men SandalsMore Givenchy Sandals. Love that GOLD!
Givenchy Spring Summer 2010 Sandals Men SandalsGivenchy Spring Summer 2010 Runway

The black gladiator sandals (a little bit of high-top x sandals hybrids) are super stylish and I think it’s the kind of statement accessories that can amp up the overall casual look with a touch of high-fashion.

However, looking great in sandals doesn’t require wearing high-fashion pieces, and it requires less than what you might have imagined. Here we have a gallery of inspiring looks with a mix of interesting pieces that put the word “chic” back into men’s sandals.

Rules of thumb:

  • Leather sandals is always the better choice
  • Avoid bulky build that will make your feet look huge (and thus destroy the overall proportion. Exception for statement pieces.)
  • Slim and Minimalistic design is great
  • Pedicure is strongly recommended before you step out in any sandals.

(Cue the “Click to Buy” tag)

Men Sandals White Pants Men SandalsLeather Sandals & White Pants
Men Sandals To Boot New York Men SandalsSandals by TO BOOT New York

Men Sandals Leather Men Sandals

Mens Gladiator Sandals Paris Men SandalsSandals in Paris
Mutnam Gladiator Sandals Asia Men SandalsMUTNAM Gladiator Sandals (Click to Buy)
Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2012 SandalsDries Van Noten Spring Summer 2012 Sandals
Alvaro SandalsAlvaro Sandals (Click to Buy)
MIssouri Sandals for MenDmitri Markov on
Prada Spring/Summer 2013 Leather SandalsPrada Spring/Summer 2013 Leather Sandals (Click to Buy)

Sandals for Men

Sandals by KG Kurt GeigerSandals by KG Kurt Geiger (Click to Buy)
Hermes Spring/Summer 2012 SandalsHermes Spring/Summer 2012 Sandals

Hermes Spring Summer 2012 Shoes

Leather GladiatorLeather Gladiator @ Material Boyz (Click to Buy)
Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2014 SandalsSalvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2014 Sandals
Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 SandalsCorneliani Spring Summer 2014 Sandals
ASOS Men SandalsASOS Men Sandals (Click to Buy)
Marni for H&M Sandals for MenMarni for H&M Sandals for Men
Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 SandalsLanvin Spring Summer 2013 Sandals

Givenchy Spring Summer Sandals Men

HE by Mango SandalsHE by Mango Sandals

Givenchy Gladiator Sandals

Camper Kremer SandalsCamper Kremer Sandals
Kris Van Assche SandalsKris Van Assche Sandals (Click to Buy)
ZeroDegree Blogshop SandalsLeather Sandals by ZeroDegree Facebook Shop (Click to Buy)

Found out more interesting sandals? Share with us in the comment section. Hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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