Let's Talk About… Birkenstock

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We talked about stylish men’s sandals not too long ago, and then we also saw their shadow in the SS2014 runway shoes. From the day Phoebe Philo put a pair of furry and luxe Birkenstock on Celine runway, the sandals trend was expected to go strong for quite some time, but it went even further in womenswear (which inherently also affected the menswear) and subsequently revived the type of shoes I’ve been mulling over for quite some time – the Birkenstock.

Tell me. What do you think about the Birkenstock, really?

Different from the sandals we’ve talked about, Birkenstock are those with 2 straps or T-straps, and usual bulky. No doubt, they are the most comfortable shoes around (and to wear around house or to the beach). But wearing one as a pair of stylish and fashionable shoes to shows and events?

They have been updated by the brands into the more stylish and colourful versions (and make you look less like a “tourist” while wearing them), but I still have a mixed feeling.

To be, or not to be?

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