The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

5 Classy Minimalist Leather Sneakers 1 The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

When I got my first pair of Superga, it’s as if I’ve found the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for my feet.

OK now let me show you how to open a can with your feet. Just like how the Knife can come in handy in various situations, my favourite sneakers have served me very well in various occasions. I ran in them; I met business clients in them; I went to summer vacations in them. They have become a part of my staples, and my go-to option when I don’t feel like putting too much thought into what I wear (which happened quite often, unfortunately.) (*My only problem now is to figure out how to keep it white and not turning yellow over time.)

But lately, I’ve been contemplating with the idea of getting another pair of shoes that is equally versatile, comfortable, minimalist, but maybe something a little classier than canvas.

Something like… leathers.

Why not a pair of leather sneakers?

Product of New York: Greenwich Leather White

Product Of New York Pony GREENWICH LEATHER WHITE The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

Why: Product of New York is the premium line of PONY, a footwear brand making shoes since 1972. The design aced the essence of premium footwear, and when it comes to comfort, I believe veteran footwear brand knows what they’re doing. Plus point: it’s really affordable.

Buy Now: $150

EYTYS – Mother Leather White (Unisex)

Eytys Mother Leather White The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

Why: EYTYS is more about comfort than aesthetic, and their sneakers have cork insoles similar to Birkenstock. Cork insoles are generally regarded as very absorbent, durable and odour resistant. Started only in 2012, this very young Swedish sneaker label (EYTYS is pronounced as “eighties” by the way) has been selling really well.

Buy Now: $175

ETQ Amsterdam: Low 1 White

Etq Amsterdam Sneakers White The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

Why: Handmade in Portugal. It has a very minimal design, great quality and nothing fancy.

Buy Now: $275

Hydrogen-1: RA88

Hydrogen 1 RA88 Black The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

Why: They’re said to be as well made as Margiela’s and Common Projects’ and they are very comfortable. Originally a KickStarter project in 2013, the brand aims at creating formal leather shoes with soles as comfortable as sneakers’.

Buy Now: $365

Common Projects: White Achilles

Common Projects White Achilles The Classy & Minimalist Leather Sneakers

Why: Basically, Achilles is the classic epitome of “minimalist and classy white leather sneakers” that many other shoes makers are trying to copy.

Buy Now: $415

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