Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Malaysia Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week

It’s a little rainy but it was still kinda hot outside. I started doubting the health level of my perspiration system after I made a visual inspection on the crowd around me – they were dressed fashionably chic, and some in layers – they don’t seem to sweat at all. I was fanning myself furiously like fanning the fire on the grill using the given STYLO press release envelope. Seriously, how did they do that? #ForeverAFashionMystery

We’re standing outside White Box at Publika waiting for the venue to open and the show to start. I’m very glad that we’re invited to Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week as media.

When we mentioned about Mercedes Benz’s Fashion Week, we immediately think of Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing and the rest of the big cities across all the continents. MBStyloFW is Mercedes-Benz’s 30th fashion week to join the list, and it’s a little bit different as it is not as city-focus as its other siblings – it’s an Asia wide collaboration of 12 countries:  China, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

This unique fashion week showcases top designing talents from the 12 countries, serving as a platform for businesses and media to discover talents, potential business opportunities and matching. There were 2 parts to MBStyloFW: Part 1 is the Grand Opening Gala at Langkawi, and Part 2 is the 2-day 6 -slot runway shows.

There were 24 runway shows (24 designers) in this 2 days event. We attended a slot in Day 1 featuring the following designers:

  1. Sofie – Indonesia
  2. Steven Tach – Japan
  3. Depression – Singapore
  4. Avel Bacudio – Philippines
  5. Joe Chia – Malaysia

We decided to attend this slot because of Joe Chia as I’ve never really seen his show before. I also fell in love with Sofie, even though I hardly a fan of ethnic designs.

Why? Because Sofie’s works feel really luxurious and sophisticated. I think it’s mostly because of the fabric and patterns. #LoveLuxury

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A short snippet from the show:

 Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week

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  • Tahniah! menang dalam blogrrr!!! Congrat..

    • OMG really? I arrived at the event at 3pm something and missed the award ceremony. Thought I didn’t win haha. Thanks!