Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 #schedule #klfw #coming #me #cute #love

Klfw Fashion Week Schedule Calendar Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 #schedule #klfw #coming #me #cute #love

In case you’re mind-boggled by the gibberish appended to the post’s title, let us give you a bootcamp on hashtags: hashtags means trending. By trending, it means popular. By popular it means hashtags. And since KLFW-related topic is currently popular in our real/offline life, now is the perfect timing for us to professionally exercise our hashtag prowess as a #coolkid blogger digital media when it comes to it.

Second lesson: The seemingly unrelated “#me“, “#cute” and “#love” are the three most popular hashtags of all time, with “#love” being the top. Tag your post with all these three – BOOM – 10 likes in 5 seconds. Chew on that, fellas. (Caution: results may vary.)

Let’s not let the bootcamp strays us too far from the main course today: KLFW will start soon!.

You may have already noticed the attached schedule. Tentatively, we’ll be dropping by for a few shows on Thursday and Friday. Say Hi if you happen to bump into me! I don’t bite you know. (Editor’s note: According to many trusted sources, I’m a soft-spoken, calm and quiet person. FOR REAL.)

Attached herewith a picture of how I’ll look like on those days, for your reference should you bump into but can’t recognise me:

Max Law Maxmayo Blogger Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 #schedule #klfw #coming #me #cute #love

Douchey Gabbana, and double-Douchey Gabbana for wearing shades indoor. Triple-Douchey for wearing one upside down.

JOKING! I’ll only do that when I got them prescribed.

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