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It started with an email from SingTel some time in April last year. Things turned out well fortunately, and we’ve been sourcing our blog’s content to NewsLoop, a news aggregation app by SingTel since late 2013.

NewsLoop was first launched in Singapore in July 2012, and it has been one of the top free news app in the Singapore App Store. From travel, food, entertainment to fashion, Newsloop feels like a bag full of jelly beans of different colours and flavours.

Newsloop now syndicates from more than 600 international + local content publishers, and local content is now available for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

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Maxmayo falls under Fashion & Style, alongside GQ, Glamour, Tongue in Chic, Vogue & etc.

Now you have a new way of catching up with our latest posts. Yay!

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