Fashionably KL Pop-Up Stores x Parkamaya & Sustainable Labels

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10 years ago, I remember a friend of mine who’s an aspiring fashion designer, told his parents he wish to do fashion design after leaving high school. Not to our surprise, he was immediately bashed down by his parents with a cliche, yet possibly valid reason that may have also burst the bubbles of many creative persons out there even before things started: “you’re going to starve to death down the road“.

His parents have been running a small grocery store for years, and it was their only source of income for the whole household at that time. As you may have expected, he did not take up design but instead, he became an engineer. He’s now working at BP. (Stable high wage, great benefit – you name it.)

Fast forward to today, while reading and researching on the profiles of the emerging new talents debuted at KLFW this year, I realised many of them hail from very different (and possibly unrelated to fashion) background. It is another great testament of how our passion will always gear our lives towards them regardless of how you started in the beginning, and how many unrelated/random turns you’ve made.

One interesting question also occurred to me – a question I think will determine how (and how long) these designers will propel down the road, but its answer was hardly beknownst unless we’re close enough with the designers: Where did the funding came from? Are some of them born with silver spoons? Are the labels actually self-sustainable?

Insert “loan” and “MyCreative” right there. It may or may not bet THAT expensive to run a new label as non-fashion people might have always imagined, but we have friends who had to leave their drawing board, and return to the workforce/9-to-5 office to “rebuild” their funding.

Putting the subject of funding aside, self-sustainable is always the ideal for any label. Your designs have to sell, and your sale have to generate enough revenue for the next collection and for your team.

And truth to tell, not all we see on the runway will end up saleable. Louis Vuitton’s RTW only make up to 5% of their total revenue in 2013, but we can honestly see how much funding they have put into each and every LV show.

In the grand scheme of launching and running a label in Malaysia, things may be a little more challenging as we have culturally diverse market, which in turn resulted in smaller and fragmented markets for some labels. (Example: Korean-style labels sell better than Ivy-league style? Affordable street-style labels sell better than premium-quality suit-and-tie label? Maybe.)

It is important to have someone to help you, and probably to tell you what can sell, and how you can sell your label. Someone that can show you the tricks of the trade, much like the CFDA Incubator program (or at least a scaled-down version.)

That’s how and where Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya came into play.

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya has returned for the second year in conjunction with KLFW 2014. It is a partnership between Parkamaya (an Asian Fashion Retail Concept Store, which is also Fahrenheit88‘s single largest tenant with over 50 Asian brands) and AndrewsModels (the company behind KLFW).

The initiative aims to groom talented young designers into successful retailers by providing them a platform to sell and market their labels (which is the pop-up store) as well as an incubator program, namely the Parkalab to nurture and grow the retail potential of the new talents.

As per the gallery above, we’re invited for a media tour of the pop-up store featuring eleven (11) up-and-coming new designers this year. We’re very happy to see Comoddity and Milk Tee in the program as we already known each other. Some labels have also made their way onto KLFW runway. It was an amazing experience talking to the new designers and touching their works in person.

Fashionbly KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya New Designers:

  1. Chiyo by Isabel Lam
  2. Comoddity by Vincent Siow
  3. Jimmy Lim
  4. Andy Bandy by Andy Yap
  5. Tempatan by Joshua Fitton
  6. Eight by Mem Ardrin WK
  7. Rplus + Freedom by Peter Lim
  8. M-Maximunity by Tallen Thong
  9. Milk Tee by Huang
  10. Simply K by Kamae Lee
  11. RareDistro by Mie Abdullah

Tugging our heartstrings:

Fashionly Kl Parkamaya 11 Fms Freedom Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable LabelsFashionly Kl Parkamaya 13 Freedom Floral Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable Labels

FLORAL. What can I say?

Fashionly Kl Parkamaya 20 Maximunity Python Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable Labels

LOVE this python shirt. Maximunity

Fashionly Kl Parkamaya 26 Jimmy Lim Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable Labels

Amazing shot. Jimmy Lim

Fashionly Kl Parkamaya 28 Jimmy Lim Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable LabelsFashionly Kl Parkamaya 34 Isabel Lam Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable LabelsFashionly Kl Parkamaya 41 Raredistro Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable Labels

LOVE your cap! RareDistro

Fashionly Kl Parkamaya 50 Andy Bandy Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya & Sustainable Labels

Very luxurious dress by Andy Bandy.

As it is a pop-up store, it means you can also get up-close, touch their works and SHOP: the pop-up store is now up from 18 June until 29 June (this Sunday) at Parkamaya!

When you shop from these labels, you’re directly taking part in the labels’ success story. So do DROP BY, fellas. DROP BY. There will also be a fashion walk at Fahrenheit88 on 28 June (Saturday) showcasing the pieces and you can mingle around with the models and the designers.

We look forward to see all these new talents on KLFW runway next year.


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