Digital Fashion Week is Back with Naomi Campbell

Digital Fashion Week 2013 Singapore Digital Fashion Week Is Back With Naomi Campbell

Remember the first Digital Fashion Week in Singapore last year? Thanks to them, I made my first live appearance (of sorts, ahem) on Google Hangout during the live interviews with the fellow designers. (Videos)

This year, Digital Fashion Week is back again, and I have to say they’ve grown bigger – and so much more exciting, because if you look at the promo picture above, you’re almost there with the answer.

That’s supermodel Naomi Campbell, and she’ll be joining the league this year, making her first catwalk debut in Southeast Asia. (Now I wish she’s in the first DFW!)

Such an important appearance is sure going to grab eyeballs from around the world. I think it marks the second most impressive milestones in Singapore’s fashion history, following the first Chanel fashion show in Singapore (to globally launch Chanel’s Cruise 2014 collection) in May this year.

Continuing the mission from last year, DFW will be capitalising on social media, Google Hangout and Youtube live-streaming to bring an entire fashion week right at your computer screen.

In a nutshell:

Digital Fashion Week Event Digital Fashion Week Is Back With Naomi Campbell

The catwalk shows will be featuring Singapore labels ALI&ALICIA, Frederic Sai, MAE PANG, MAX.TAN, L’ILE AUX ASHBY, PAULINE.NING, Thomas Wee, YOUYOU and ZENCHI. As for the 22 showroom space, there’ll be 22 other designers including accessories designers (more details here.)

Here’s a quote from Charina, the Project Director which explains the inspiring vision behind this whole initiative:

“By insisting that no designer should be forced to pay a large sum to get the exposure they deserve, we provide Singapore designers with an all-encompassing online and offline space to bring their careers to the next level..”
Charina Widjaja, Project Director of Digital Fashion Week

When it comes to getting your design ideas out there, it’s really all about the money. 

Some flashbacks from the first DFW:

 Digital Fashion Week Is Back With Naomi Campbell

What’s currently going on at DFW:

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The event will be running from 1 until 4 November 2013. To watch live-streaming of everything that will happen during Digital Fashion Week, bookmark the following url:

You can also follow them on social media #DigitalFashonWeek:

Mark your calendars! I’ll be following. 🙂

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