Bonia AW2014

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As the title implies, clothes, shiny objects and crème brûlée aren’t the only things that can get the better of me.

Before that, please get really clicky on the gallery above because I freaking launched 201 rapid-fire shots within an hour which the result was then condensed into these mere 54 best shots to take on a visual journey of what I experienced at the Bonia HQ the other day.

(Bonus point: I’ve just added the “full screen” function to the gallery! If the usual-sized gallery is too small for you, you may now go full-screen for better scrutinising pleasure. You’re welcome.)

It was a rather bag-aholic experience, so much so that it reminds me so much of my aunt.

When I was a kid, I just love to raid other people’s bags. (Privacy issue aside.) More specifically, my aunt’s. (Well, nobody knows what’s wrong with me until they figured out recently that my weird behaviour was fuelled by my love for fashion and bags.)

Coming from a family of working-class parents (my grandparents) who were rubber tappers during the Malaya era, she somehow grew up to be the more educated, independent and rather affluent one among the other 10 siblings (yop, I have 10 aunts!)

In the 80’s, she worked as a manager in an office, and she carried a Bonia bag all the time. Maybe not just one, but two, interchanged once in awhile.

As her only favourite nephew, I followed her to places, and helped her to raid with her bags. That was the time I learned the name “Bonia”, and they were the most expensive bags I could raid at that time

“So these are the expensive nice things we can buy huh… I want bags like this someday.”

As it turned out 20 years later, they weren’t the only expensive nice bags I knew after Google introduced me to “Kelly” Hermes, “Speedy” Louis Vuitton, Hula-Hoop Chanel (editor’s note: we here don’t quite get the hula-bag though, but do you?) and et al, namely the further end of the luxury spectrum.

But Kelly, Speedy and Hula-Hoop are in a different league. What I’m trying to say is that the brand created by Mr Chiang in 1974 feels so much dearer to me in the sense that we share almost the same root, the brand has been with my family for quite some time, and that it was the most expensive bag I’ve raided as a kid (hah!)

My first bag after getting into the workforce? Kelly, who am I kidding As you’ve guessed it:

Bonia Bags Maxmayo Bonia AW2014

A small little tote for a small guy like me by Bonia, which most probably is no longer in production today. Best remembered and immortalised with an animated GIF of my switching hands and the tote.

But I won’t feel sad that the production of the said tote have stopped, because that makes room for something newer to come. Something destined for my raiding (again.)

If you’ve clicked till the end of the gallery just now, you’ll see the gold-stamped “Bonia Italian Trunk Customisation Service“.

Bonia Aw2015 Preview Bags Leather Goods 52 Bonia AW2014

That’s what I’m talking about. You can now make your own Bonia bag in various sizes! With your initials and personal message on it! (Although it’s only limited to trunks and “Sonia” bags.)

No, you do not get the Starbuck’s no-whip-cream-double-shots-extra-java-chips kind of customisation at the back of the kitchen. Your bags will be made in Italy.

 Bonia AW2014

 Bonia AW2014

These videos are pulling the String of Desire. Just one gruelling question: Do all craftswomen look like that? Sign me up. Recapping from the gallery, these are what you can customise:

Bonia Aw2015 Preview Bags Leather Goods 38 Bonia AW2014

6 sizes, 21 colours. I can customise the shoot out of it and get crazy.

Bonia customisation service is now available at all Bonia stores. In other words, there’s a high possibility to see a crazy man raiding trunks and bags in a Bonia store near you.

** Ready-To-Wear AW2014 bags and shoes seen in the gallery will only be available on shelf in the next few months.

Assuming I’m sending a Bonia trunk to your doorstep (ASSUMING), what size and color would you prefer?

Bonia Trunks Data Lazy Sizes Bonia AW2014 Bonia Customisation Colours Bonia AW2014

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  • Keith Peace-Curl

    Is there any “customized charges” for customized item?

    • The cost will be included in the bag’s price 🙂

  • Michelle Shia

    Until I read the ending, I was anticipating how my bag would look like but till the end, just the trunk… May be my phone and keys and wallet and books and water bottle, and file folder gotta wait for slightly little longer until some day the bags can b customised to keep then in perfect order

    • There’s the “Sonia bag”! Not included in the last picture coz it’s for women, but it may be big enough for you? Drop by nearest Bonia and check check.