A Retrospect: On TV @ Bella NTV7

Bella Mars Ntv7 Blogger A Retrospect: On TV @ Bella NTV7Left to right: Brian See, Max Law, Niki Cheong, Tian Chad and host Belinda Chee. Image by Brian See.

“So, is it your first time on TV?” I asked BrianΒ while sipping my cup of tea calmly in the guest waiting room, ignoring the fact that there were some butterflies ready to fly out of my mouth any time.


I overheard his conversation with his friend earlier. He’s a little worry about a breakout on his face. (ACCIDENTAL EAVESDROPPING SORRY.)

You know what I think? He’s naturally TV-ready in real life, 24/7. He already looked perfect the moment he arrived, with or without any pimple. I, on the other hand, were almost zombie-like after going through a few sleep-deprived days due to some personal family circumstances and a rather high volume of freelance projects of late. (Thank god I know about concealer.)

It was at that time I pondered again on the notions that some people have on bloggers, celebrities and publications who embraced the modern day, less intrusive cosmetic surgery – the “Photoshop”.

How do you expect them to look perfect when they’re constantly under a tight schedule and heavy workload?
(Online celebrities who look totally different in real life than their online personas is another story.)

That might sound like I’m justifying Photoshop. But think about this: if celebrities started to look like average joe, it would break the beauty and fashion business – nobody will be buying products to make themselves look “better” anymore once they’ve lost the metrics of what it means to look “great.”

It is the reason why I always feel “distanced” at the idea of acting like a style blogger. I probably don’t have the same kind of “celebrity consciousness” to want to look perfect. Speaking of which, I also do not have the consciousness to want to connect with other “celebrities,” bloggers or insiders, or the motivation to try to get into the (fashion) pack or “climb to the top.” (Could it be that my refusal to these ideas a Kryptonite to this blog’s potential?)

Back to Brian. He’s young (just graduated from university,) good-looking and talented when it comes to style posing and social media. Modelling could be his thing.

We’re on set at the NTV7 studio doing a live TV segment about “What male blogger blog about?” last week. It was my first time appearing on TV too. Come to think of it, it could be one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received from “life” so far. Also, thank you NTV7. πŸ™‚

Tian Chad was one of the guests as well. He’s a lifestyle blogger.

If there’s anyone in local blogosphere that I feel more relatable and connected to in terms of blogging career, age and the stage of life, it would be him. He runs the blog alongside his freelance photography business.

It was the first time I met him in person even though we’ve been “friends” on Facebook for quite some time. He is as honest as you can get on his blog. Very enthusiastic, down-to-earth, sociable (well honestly I don’t talk very much) and he is quite a hardworker – taking pictures wherever and whenever possible, talking to people, promoting his blog and all. He’s been around the blogosphere since 2008.

And then there was Niki Cheong – I call him the “ancestor of all Malaysian bloggers.” He’s the most prolific guest on the day – he’s blogged for about 14 years. He’s a journalist, and now a lecturer and consultant, among MANY OTHER ROLES.

“It’s all about branding,” said him.

“[If you want to go bigger] you have to turn your blog into a media site. Look at Paul Tan, Hong Kiat and LiewCF.”

“If you look at Joyce, she’s registered a company for the blog. She’s doing MC, hosting events, and many other things through the blog. It’s all about branding.”

“You won’t have the time to do everything by yourself if you’re only doing it part-time. Maybe you can consider hiring interns.”

That’s all the points I could remember. Although it’s just a small chat, he gave me inspiration, some confirmation on the things I’ve done, and lots of motivation for what I’m going to do. It’s a timely pick-me-up when things go a little slower and less inspired when the year is closing.

Looking forward to a more exciting 2015. And, Merry Christmas from Team Mayo.

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