Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014

Malaysia Top Designer Zakwan Anuar Spring 2014 Runway Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014

My eidetic memory of runway pictures (rather limited) reminds me of Jil Sander when I was looking at Zakwan Anuar‘s works. From a very bird’s-eye point of view (or a spaceship‘s-eye POV, because there was a lot of things that went into the creation and I think it would be unfair to summarise the whole effort in a mere few words), Sander and Anuar share similarity in the underlying minimalistic, “Less is Luxe” concept.

Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014 collection was unveiled last week in KLPac, and we were there for the runway show.

Zakwan Anuar Runway Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014Before the show

Different from what we can usually expect from a Spring/Summer collection, Anuar’s SS2014 emphases on the earth tones, with Black as the main canvas. There were gold (yes!), silver, bronze, gray and tints of blue with very minimal red. The design silhouette remains structural as with the past collections, but there was more shimmers and blink-blink in this collection.

I’m especially fond of some of the pieces. See the collection:

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 Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014

Anuar also collaborated with Maatin Shakir, a shoe and bag designer and Goran Kling, accessory designer in this collection. Behold some of the shoes created by Shakir:

Maatin Shakir Shoes Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014Maatin Shakir Shoes

Now, do you want a piece of Zakwan Anuar SS2014? I’d love to. 🙂

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