YMC Spring 2015

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You Must Create (YMC), a British brand that advocates wearable items, and known for bringing a modern twist to the otherwise traditional pieces.

Well, “bringing modern twist to traditional pieces” might sound a little like a cliche line from a 80’s infomercial, until I saw this:

Ymc Hat Shades Spring YMC Spring 2015

Cue the hat-shade/glasses-hybrid. I just got a deja vu, pretty sure I’ve seen this somewhere but couldn’t recall. Not too sure when to use it but I could use one someday, YMC. STEP ASIDE, RAYBAN AVIATORS.

The rest of the pieces come in softer (thus safer) colour palette, with exception in a few pieces in bold red and blue.

Here comes the second point that further negates the infomercial point:

Ymc Ss2015 Men London 17 YMC Spring 2015 Ymc Ss2015 Men London 16 YMC Spring 2015

The transparent jacket is cool. Really COOL.