Warby Parker Summer 2014

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When I was a kid, I lied to my parents that something was wrong with my eyeballs and that I needed a pair of glasses. I supposed 80% of kids have done that because for some morbid reasons, wearing glasses seems to be super cool. (Have you not? Don’t lie to me.)

Of course I didn’t succeed. But somehow I succeeded almost 20 years later when I was diagnosed with Astigmatism and Myopia during my first job’s full medical checkup.

I didn’t start pretending like a 20/20 normal person with the help of contact lens. (FYI I’m still not comfortable with the idea of having something plastered on my eyeballs – what if the lens moved into the back of my eyeballs when I roll? GOD.) But instead, I turned my handicap into a reason to shop, and so the ritual of annual/biannual new glasses hunting was born. LOL

And then I stumbled upon Warby Parker, and there are three reasons why they keep me coming back to visit their website 1) their designs are always chic and vintage-inspired, #InspirationMaterial 2) the Virtual Try-on (I can get lost in it for hours, teehee) and 3) pricing starting from just USD95, given that the quality of the glasses matches those from the top fashion houses.

Warby Parker Virtual Try On Warby Parker Summer 2014

If there’s one thing I wish they could do right away: International Shipping! (Or I’ll have to resolve to Borderlinx at the mean time.)

To celebrate this summer season, Warby Parker have just released the Summer 2014 Collection – a new line of glasses featuring 9 new shapes and 4 new colours. As seen in the above gallery, the collection exudes bookworm chic with beachy hues and retro styling (and I have a thing for tortoise shell).

While I’m still getting lost in the Try-on, drop by their site and check out the latest collection of glasses and shades.

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  • Allan

    Cool. Have you purchased anything in Warby Parker using Borderlinx yet? I’m interested to know how much it would cost for a pair…Thanks!