Topman Design Spring 2015

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Though there’s still one or two days away from KLFW, similar fashion fest has already started yesterday in the other side of the world. Or more specifically, London. Spring 2015 Menswear fashion week will be full on from 15 June until 30 June, which means you might be able to see flocks of fashion Dodo birds flying to London, then to Milan, and eventually to Paris.

A quick fact check revealed that Dodo birds actually don’t do flying. And so are penguin and Kiwi. The reference to flightless aves was a tribute to fashion fans like the rest of us who’re reading it here, instead of being there. (But hey, we got to go KLFW! It’s a blessing.)

Now, kick start your week with fresh out-of-oven Topman Design. This round, they embrace the 70s, Mick Jagger and sunflowers.

For the uninitiated, Topman Design is the premium line of Topman. Clicky click on the gallery above for full runway collection.

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