Lou Dalton Spring/Summer 2015 is Zippy

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Structural silhouette, and the use of soft/neutral colours in the collection does rhyme with YMC. Although Ms Dalton did not introduce shahat (well, that’s shades + hat for you) that stands out from the crowd, her use of zippers does.

Take a closer look at each and every look. Almost all features zippers, and some zippered pockets that look big enough to accommodate an iPad Mini or two. (See, fashion loves gadgetic men. Ms Dalton loves gadgetic men.)

Also take cue on the fabric used on a few pieces that tugged our heartstrings.

And tugging our heartstrings are:

Lou Dalton Spring 2015 16 Lou Dalton Spring/Summer 2015 Is Zippy

I also have a thing for structural sweater that helps to hide chicken arms and overall non-model physique of mine.

Lou Dalton Spring 2015 17 Lou Dalton Spring/Summer 2015 Is Zippy

Thom Browne approved shorts. And jacket.

Lou Dalton Fabric Ss2015 Lou Dalton Spring/Summer 2015 Is Zippy

The man on your left might look like a British officer wearing a bullet vest walking towards you with a gun in his left hand. Don’t worry. You’re safe. Look closer at the fabric.

Lou Dalton Spring 2015 Jacket Lou Dalton Spring/Summer 2015 Is Zippy

Pretty cool, no? It feels comfy. If only I could touch it right there.