H&M Fall Winter 2014: Black

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Fall and winter are still months away – in our case, it’s forever away, unless Malaysia has decided on a relocation away from the Equator – but we’ve already gotten news from the chirpy little Tweety outside our window of what to come following the man cave invasion.

It will come as an antidote to all my our recent obsession with prints, colours, prints, colours… AND prints, colours. It will be black, gray, and black. Other colours are kept to minimum.

 H&M Fall Winter 2014: Black

A mental note pour moi: CHECK OUT THAT LEATHER JACKET. (All caps as to connote the raise of heartbeat at the point of typing.) Wait up, my life will be improved.

H&M FW2014 is coming to you in September.

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  • mylovermykiller

    do u know if its a normal collection or a collection from the studio line?

    • it’s a normal collection. Will be available on their online store too.