Hardy Amies Spring 2015

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Hardy Amies SS2015 = Bon chic, bon genre. I LOVE this collection very much, as it rides deep into my designer’s soul, if there is one. In other words, if I were to become a fashion designer, this collection would very much reflect my possible works.

Hardy Amies is a British veteran fashion house specialising in luxury menswear since 1946.

There are 2 things that always tug my heartstrings regardless of time and space:

Hardy Amies Ss2015 Bags Hardy Amies Spring 2015

1. Tote!

Hardy Amies Ss2015 Favourites Hardy Amies Spring 2015

2. Small luxurious pattern prints, or monogram that doesn’t scream the brand’s name.

Here’s a magnified version of HA monogram:

Hardy Amies Monogram Pattern Hardy Amies Spring 2015

SS2015 is a very elegant and lovely collection, as usual.