When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

Famous Beyond Fashion Collaborations When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

Coco Chanel might have seen it coming when she said these profound words:

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

In a nutshell, she meant fashion is everywhere. And if she’s still alive today, I bet she’d be surprised at how her words have literally turned into reality – well, not just the sky and the street now – but also food, machines, buildings and anything imaginable and consumable.

That reminded me of the first time I found out Armani Dolci. If you do a direct translation from Italian, that’s “Armani’s Confectionary” – fashion label Giorgio Armani has been selling you chocolate like a Willy Wonka. (Available at Armani/Casa, Starhill Kuala Lumpur, FYI.)

Armani Dolci Confectionary Malaysia When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

Armani Dolci Store When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

Putting the taste and the quality of Dolci aside, these fashion giants are indirectly selling you a lifestyle that again, implies the idea of “fashion is everywhere”. Consumerism may attach vanity tag to these unexpected ventures of fashion, but having met some people from the industry taught me a little about the vision of a designer.

Truth to tell, not all designers want to make clothes (and clothes only) forever. From fabric to chocolate, the possibility of their visions is unlimited.

Here are some of the most interesting collaboration works I’ve noticed. They’re both awe-inspiring and amusing:

Elie Saab x Evian Drinking Water

Elie Saab Evian Water When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

 When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

Known for dressing up celebrities and personalities (more than 100 clients), Elie Saab is collaborating with Evian, a luxury mineral water brand from French to create a limited-edition bottle. Available in November 2013.

Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs & Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

Designer Diet Coke When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion(Left to Right) Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier

Karl Lagerfeld, the reigning designer of Chanel, have done this twice for Diet Coke,  Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton (breaking news: he’s leaving LV very soon) once, and Jean Paul Gaultier once. There were many more designers joining this collaboration since 2003.

Diet Coke Diane Von Furstenberg When Fashion Goes Beyond FashionDiane Von Furstenberg x Diet Coke
Diet Coke Designers When Fashion Goes Beyond FashionVersace, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino & etc.

It’s an on going collaboration program by Coke and so you can expect to see more designers joining the line in the future.

John Varvatos Chrysler limited Edition Car

John Varvatos Chrysler 300c When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

2013 Chrysler 300c John Varvatos Limited Edition Shift Lever Photo 474353 S 787x481 When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

 When Fashion Goes Beyond Fashion

Designed by American designer John Varvatos, Chrysler’s 300C  edition will come in 2 variation: the Limited Edition and the Luxury Edition.

Versace Lamborghini Murciélago


Lamborghini, an already prestigious and luxurious name, teamed with Versace to create this impressive piece of machine. This car was unveiled in 2006 and it comes in Black and White version.

Bugatti by Hermes



I don’t know about you but to me, Bugatti is the most “shocked”-looking car I’ve seen (just look at the grill at the front you’ll know what I mean). Hermes + Bugatti = Bugatti Veyron Fbg by Hermes. Extra, extra luxurious

Roberto Cavalli Mini Paceman




My favourite Mini + Gold!

Legendary Italian designer Roberto Cavalli designed this car with Mini for Life Ball, a charity event to support AIDS and HIV. The gold colour you see here is not just normal painting.

2014 Infiniti Q50: Zac Posen & Thom Browne Limited Edition


Zac Posen 2014 Infiniti Q50Zac Posen
Thom Browne 2014 Infiniti Q50Thom Browne

Womenswear designer Zac Posen and menswear + womenswear designer Thom Browne (both American) designed 2 limited editions of Q50 for Infiniti. Coming this December.

Gucci Cafe

Gucci CafeMilano
Gucci Cafe at Ginza, JapanGucci Cafe at Ginza, Japan

Gucci has ventured into the cafeteria and luxurious fine dining business since 2007. The first Gucci cafe was opened in Ginza, Japan, followed by more branches across the globe.

Apparently the Gucci logo chocolates are only sold in Ginza.

Maison Moschino Hotel

Maison Moschino Hotel

"Life is a Bed of Roses" room.“Life is a Bed of Roses” room.

A hotel by the Italian label Moschino, it has been in the business since 2010 in Milan. The building used to be a railway station, and it was revamped with 65 hotel rooms and Monschino-themed decoration.

Armani Hotels & Resorts

Armani Hotel, MilanoMilan
Armani Hotel Dubai at Burj Khalifa.Armani Hotel Dubai at Burj Khalifa.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Apart from confectionary (and many other things), Armani also operating hotels (I’m starting to wonder what they don’t do). There are 2 branches: Dubai and Milan. Armani Hotel Dubai was in Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower of the world (KLCC was the third tallest.)

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Bulgari Hotel in MilanBulgari Hotel in Milan
Bulgari Resorts in BaliBulgari Resorts in Bali

First hotel was in Milan, and the second one was in Bali, third on in Tokyo, followed by the fourth one in London last year, and the fifth will be opening in Shanghai in 2015. Bulgari is placing 3 branches in Asia – think about the power of Asian market. #FruitForThought

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts is a joint venture with Marriott International.

Louis Vuitton condom is a little too much, but you know it’s not a real offer from LV. Know some other interesting (or maybe outrageous) beyond-fashion products? Share with me.

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