Virgil Abloh And IKEA To Collaborate On A Home Collection

Virgil X Ikea Home Collection Virgil Abloh And IKEA To Collaborate On A Home CollectionImage:

Virgil Abloh has previously come up his own version of IKEA FRAKTA bag back in June. Now, the Off-White founder and creative director will be collaborating with IKEA to design a new home collection.

“For me, I’m a dreamer”, said Abloh. “I’m just literally sitting around and thinking about how my ideas can impact or bring a different voice to the rest of the world and I looked at IKEA as sort of like pie in the sky, as this company that put design first [and] believed in the democratisation of design. I was just thinking, visualising if I could work with IKEA, that would open up to this door to this way of thinking that was usually left to clothing.”

According to IKEA creative director Henrik Most, the collaborative home collection with Abloh won’t be available until 2019.

“We want to make sure that when we present it, we offer solutions that make it possible for a young person to make their first home,” said Most. “It wouldn’t make sense to first come out with a chair and then you sit and wait one year. ‘Ok, when is the table coming? Ok, now I need to wait for the bed.’ So we want to make sure that when we launch, it will have all the ingredients that go into making a home. So [a release] will not be in ’18; it will be some time in ’19. It takes time, product development compared to fashion. We do a lot of testing of everything.”

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