The Weekly Read: Chest Hair, The First Plus-Size Male Model

The Weekly Read Chest Hair The Weekly Read: Chest Hair, The First Plus Size Male ModelSource:

1. The Return of Chest Hair

It’s not that we didn’t see it coming – it’s almost a natural progression after lumber-sexual and the beard trend. It’s time to let them all out, guys. LET IT GROW.

2. The New Plus-Size Model Star is a Guy

Zach Miko, the first (and only) plus-size male model signed with IMG. “Body positive” now available for men!

3. How I Found Out I Had Testicular Cancer, And What Happened Next

A real-life experience of a young man. #TakeNote

4. How to use the Public Restroom Like a Gentleman

“No eye contact with other patrons. Eyes forward at all times.”

5. A Grown-up’s Guide to Snapchat

How to use Snapchat like a pro/matured man.

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