Super Classy: Whyd Speakers

Harmon Kardon‘s Aura and Soundsticks have always have a special place in my heart for being the most beautiful speakers I’ve ever seen. BUT, their place might have been shaken a little when I discovered these Whyd speakers.

Just look at these classy pill-shaped speakers. In a way, they remind me of Aura and Mac Pro. (Maybe because of the cylinder shape.) They’ve been compared with Sonos and Amazon Echo in terms of how it works. Watch the video below:

 Super Classy: Whyd Speakers

The minimalist design strikes right at the heart of all minimalists. These speakers are Wifi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay-enabled, controllable by voice, touch (the top of the speaker is a glass touch panel) and the mobile app. We haven’t tested the sound so for the performance part, let’s KIV.

Whyd Speakers Color Options Super Classy: Whyd Speakers

Retailed at $499 – but now you can pre-order for $299 – these speakers are priced almost $100 higher than the Aura offered by audio veteran brand, Harman Kardon. Is it worth it to spend on a new French label without much history in the crowded home wireless speaker market? I’d say it’s worth giving it a try as long as the sound quality is comparable.

The verdict is still out on audiophiles, but I’d personally give it a YES on the white and black version.

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