Shit Bloggers Wear

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Although we do agree those are mostly the sh*t bloggers wear or use (we know because we scroll fashion and street style blogs for a living #lol), we didn’t come out with the list but the smart Cecilia Doan of

By day she is a digital strategist, and that explains her sensitivity to trend.

“I think there are many people like me who’ve noticed mainstream fashion bloggers are starting to rep the same brands and styles. The endorsements are becoming more obvious. Everyday people choosing hype and status over cultivating their own sense of style. If SBW serves a higher purpose beyond comedy (I get lots of LOL messages), I hope it acts as a reminder to choose wisely.”
– Cecilia Doan

GOTCHA!! We know you own at least one of those sh*t. You’re so shitty-chic.

We wish Cecilia would sketch more menswear sh*t though.