Very Classy: Samsung Serif TV

Samsung Serif Tv Very Classy: Samsung Serif TV

You see. Almost all TV we’ve seen on the market today are flat, super thin, frameless (or at least a thin frame) and in black. Why Samsung Serif TV stands out is obvious, but it’s not just that – it is also a design masterpiece by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

As the name implies, Serif TV is shaped based on the serif “I” letter. Unlike other flat screen TVs designed to look invisible when plastered onto the wall or placed on a credenza (including Samsung’s own TVs,) the unique design of Serif TV turns it into a furniture that calls for attention.

It’s either you hate it or love it. But from someone who works with serif and sans serif fonts most of the days, I really appreciate the beauty of this classy TV. It looks good from all angles (even from the back!) Technically, it has the same spec and features as other 4K Samsung TVs. (If you’re a serious gamer, probably you’ll have to check more on the details.) Serif TV comes with detachable legs.

Srif Tv Very Classy: Samsung Serif TV

Samsung Serif HDTV Very Classy: Samsung Serif TV

Serif TV is available in 40″, 32″ and 24″ and a few colors, retailed at USD1499.99. (You can pre-order now.) Because this is not a standard TV but a collaboration work with designer, I think the price is OK.

If I need a new TV for my living room, this is it.

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