Mr Porter: How to Get a Six Pack The Testo Way

 Mr Porter: How To Get A Six Pack The Testo Way

I’m still not quite convinced if this is an actual how-to video: it was posted on 1 April, and did I mention Mr Mullins is mixing “Male Testosterone” into his shake?

As it turned out, it was Male Testo-no-sterone. The educational steps suggested might be trivial, but it is as serious as what Mr Mullins was wearing. (I’ll have that one instead. Take away!)

Mull over the video now for 6 steps of pack-building tips by the Director of Personal Training at Bodyism in London. If you refuse to mull over, here we have made a summary. Lucky you!

  • Step 1: Do Some Yoga
  • Step 2: Hit the Gym
  • Step 3: Roll it
  • Step 4: Drink up
  • Step 5: Eat Food that’s rich in anti-oxidant
  • Step 6: Green, and serene serene?


Special note: I must say the second highlight of the whole video is the water jug. See, we’re a crazy bunch who’s obsessed with anything stylish. May I present to you the link to purchased the said jug. Haha!

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  • junfook

    Spiderman work out is the hardest. I shouted in the gym cos I couldn’t complete for 30seconds.

    • 10 seconds if we’re lucky. May we suggest our version of Spider-crawl: