Jeremy Scott X Google Team Up For Google Pixel’s Cartoon-Themed Cases

Jeremy Scott X Google Pixel Case Jeremy Scott X Google Team Up For Google Pixels Cartoon Themed CasesImage:

Quirky design is nothing new for Jeremy Scott. After all, who could forget his work on the Barbie-themed Moschino fashion collection two years ago, which include everything from a t-shirt to the unique pink mirror-shaped phone case?

Now, the man himself is back as he teams up with Google this time around to design a six-piece collection of Live Cases for the Google Pixel phone.

For each case, Scott drew inspiration from everyday subjects including apparel, accessories, food and beverage to create different cartoon themes. The cases, which are all snap-ons, comes equipped with Near-field communication technology that able to detect its presence and propels an animated wallpaper app to appear on the Google Pixel phone screen. The cases also allow users to experiment with a custom “J’emoji” keyboard that comes with different animated emojis created by Scott himself. New emojis will be added daily, in which the animated characters are also served as part of the collaboration’s social media campaign with Scott‘s celebrity and model friends.

“What’s really exciting about these cases is that the emojis jump off the cases into your screens. I’ve never had the ability to do this before, as the technology is something new from Google. I was thinking a lot about how the virtual has become reality with our online lives, and avatars are speaking so much more for us than ever in the social media atmosphere that we now inhabit. So when Google came a knockin’ I was ready for them,” Scott said.

The six-piece cases collection will be available via Google store for Android users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Germany beginning November 10 until the end of January next year. Price for the case retails at US$40 each.

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