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Iphone 5s 5c Fashion Style IPhone And Fashion Conscious

I’m swooning over the latest Gold iPhone 5S.

Nothing to do with #FOMO or wanting to catch up with the latest gadget –
it’s 50% for Instagram and other iOS-only apps (iPad mini is small enough but still can’t beat a pocket-sized any day) and 50% for the GOLD colour that I love. 🙂

So, I thought a Gold iPhone would be a wonderful work tool that also comes with amazing fashion purpose. Hmmm.

Speaking of fashion, there’s the iPhone 5C. A thought struck me when some reviewers wrote “the colourful 5C are for the fashion-conscious.”

(Also on USAToday: Will the brightly coloured, plastic cases for the iPhone 5c appeal to fashion-conscious shoppers in overseas markets?)

Iphone 5cs Fashion IPhone And Fashion Conscious

I beg to differ.

I think most fashion-conscious would be more interested in Gold, Silver, White and Black, as well as the phone’s ability to wear different cases and accessories by different brands. A permanently dyed bright colour wouldn’t be much of a buying reason. #JustSaying

(And I’m hypothesising that the 5C’s colours was more of a technical by-product. The more affordable price tag should be the main selling point. Apple did hire the ex-CEO of luxury brand Saint Laurent to work on a special project a few months ago but we don’t think this is it.)

On the other hand, I’ve always have this small obsession to find out what phone and what phone case the fashion editors and icons are carrying.

I’m obsessed for they are the epitome of serious fashion worker (not your usual selfie-snapper) and what they are using somehow seem like the best tools in creating their works. Rheir business-wise creativity always extends to their phones and for reasons beyond me, their phones always seem way cooler. #lol

Here we found some of the coolest fashion pundits captured by street-style photographers, together with their iPhones. Granted, some love them minimalist plain and classy, while some have had so much fun with their phones that makes the new colourful siblings appear… dispensable.

Let’s just put the price tag and my thought on 5C aside, I’m interested to know what you think –
Which of the latest iPhone 5 model and colour appeals to you the most? #PurelyPersonal

5048 Le 21eme Adam Katz Sinding Sarah Rutson Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 AKS0922 IPhone And Fashion Conscious

Iphone Finger Rings IPhone And Fashion Conscious

Iphone Fashion IPhone And Fashion Conscious

Camo Iphone Marc By Marc Jacobs.streetstyle 1 IPhone And Fashion Conscious

Iphoneowl IPhone And Fashion Conscious

Mode Pure Kate Lanphear New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013 Yangmin Zhao IPhone And Fashion Conscious

Michael Ring Actor Iphone Case IPhone And Fashion Conscious

La Modella Mafia Milan Fashion Week Street Style Via Style IPhone And Fashion Conscious













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