Hunger Games: Serious Fashion with Extra Dose of Hunger

Hunger Games Fashion Peeta Mockingjay Hunger Games: Serious Fashion With Extra Dose Of Hunger

The Hunger Games is back, and “Mockingjay Part 1” trailer will be released on July 25 at San Diego Comic-con.

What does that mean for us the fellow Mayo Town citizens? Nothing if you’re not a Hunger fan or a movie buff. But then we saw Peeta’s new living portrait released by Capitol Couture yesterday, and it reminded us that Hunger Games is about serious fashion, too – BUT with an extra dose of hunger. (In our case, it’s humour.) Check out Peeta’s new animated portrait below:

Under the patriotic background music and the falling white petals, Peeta has gone white-on-white, including shoes in Unconditional matte leather jacket and pants, Maison Martin Margiela‘s white shirts and high-top sneakers (get it here). Good job on approving this outfit, President Snow. (But bad job on managing your fictional districts, old man.)

While we’re at it, pop over Capitol Couture – the fictional fashion magazine by Capitol. As fictional as it may sound, this magazine actually features real world fashion and designers e.g. Margiela, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen. So good, even their editorial shots of the Panem citizens and their captioning skill:

Hunger Games Fashion District 10 Hero Hunger Games: Serious Fashion With Extra Dose Of Hunger“Filled with resounding admiration for animals, District 10 is proud to call Felix Stam, 35, one of their own.”
Hunger Games Fashion District 7 Hero Hunger Games: Serious Fashion With Extra Dose Of Hunger“Never without his lucky axe, Elias Haan, 26, believes in District 7’s mission to respect the greater forces of nature.”

I see you, Alex Minsky.

Hunger Games Fashion District 6 Hero Hunger Games: Serious Fashion With Extra Dose Of Hunger“No matter the obstacle, District 6’s Malcolm Kastel, 31, keeps Panem moving.”

That is one hell of an epic pair of pants. SIGN US UP. Best use of tyre as fashion statement after the Michelin Man.

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