Hugo Boss Perfumes #SuccessBeyondTheGame

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This week has been a adrenaline-pumping week! While the world is at war with our mates chasing after balls fighting for their national glory AND local designers busy dolling-up their models backstage, we have had a good time, a la a post-war good time with HUGO BOSS not long ago.

We joined HUGO BOSS on a beautiful Saturday morning at KLCC to witness the launch of the #SuccessBeyondTheGame campaign this year, and to celebrate the release of the new BOSS BOTTLED, UNLIMITED fragrance for men.

This year marks the third year of the campaign celebrating men with prolific success story beyond their respective field. In line with world cup this year, HUGO BOSS tapped 3 great footballers to front the campaign as the global ambassadors representing the 3 most popular classic scents by BOSS: Joe Hart for BOSS BOTTLED, Thiago Silva for HUGO MAN and Marco Reus for BOSS ORANGE MAN.

Hugo Boss Successbeyondthegame Joe Thiago Marco Hugo Boss Perfumes #SuccessBeyondTheGame

And how exactly did the feeble-bodied unathletic writer of this blog (failed banana kick, remember?) come into the picture?

Maxmayo Hugo Boss Klcc Kick Hugo Boss Perfumes #SuccessBeyondTheGame

“To succeed, you have to be committed to what you do and love what you do. I’m really passionate about my job and give it my all…” – Joe Hart, England’s Goalkeeper for BOSS BOTTLED

Do you see what I see? I’m channeling Joe Hart right there, giving my all to free-style juggle this wrecking soccer ball because the MC called me up as I was the only male sitting in the front row. On a second thought, I might be channeling a John Farnworth without a Paul Smith’s ball. Lesson learned: Great pose will make up for the lack of skill, and moving bright red socks are quite effective in blinding convincing people that I’m actually good at it.

Along with the launch of the campaign was the introduction of BOSS BOTTLED, UNLIMITED. Contrary to the name, it’s actually a limited-edition fragrance.

Hugo Boss Success Beyond The Game 25 Hugo Boss Perfumes #SuccessBeyondTheGame

UNLIMITED is of the aromatic fougere family. It’s woody as its base note is Sandalwood; it’s sweet as it’s middle note is pineapple; it’s refreshing as the top note is mint. It smells pretty close to my previous Versace for Men. I’ve been into woody since a year ago and this is a great woody addition.

Hugo Boss Success Beyond The Game 26 Hugo Boss Perfumes #SuccessBeyondTheGame

My free-styling effort didn’t go in vein but won me a bottle of HUGO MAN. This would be my third bottle of HUGO MAN. (Another BOSS fragrance I’ve had in the past is Hugo Element.)

Note to you: Get BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED and give it a try if you love woody scent. It’s now available near your, and it’ll only be available for a limited time period. (RM 312 for 100ml, RM241 for 50ml.)

And extending from the above-mentioned red socks lesson: Get yourself well-fragranced during this world cup period to distract attention away from your panda eyes.

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