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Admittedly, there’s been a lack of updates on this space in the past few months. (Or, may I add, “festive” months? Hoho!) But that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle. While taking a break from the usual programming, the MaxMayo enterprise has seen a modest yet much-needed growth.

Like cell mitosis, MaxMayo was cut in half, and then one of the divisions grew into our recently launched sister-site, Hommes.my.

Hommes.my is a fashion news blog covering the latest in men’s fashion and luxury world. Simply put, Hommes is all about news and trends.

Then, what about MaxMayo?”

MaxMayo will always be all about personal taste. Afterall, Hommes and MaxMayo are two non-identical twins. In my humble vision of the future, Hommes will be MaxMayo’s left brain while MaxMayo will remain as the right brain.

So bookmark, follow and support Hommes.my, my friends.

And Hellooooo 2017!

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