Dior Homme Launched Limited-Edition Skateboard Decks

Dior 4 Dior Homme Launched Limited Edition Skateboard DecksImage: esq.sg

With Dior Homme embracing the youth-centric “Skater Boy” theme that already includes seasonal apparel, accessories and sneakers capsule as well as a short film directed by Larry Clark, the iconic French label is now adding three limited-edition designs of skateboard decks into the collection.

Skateboard enthusiasts can look forward to either white-splattered paint, Dior monogram motifs or huge red Dior logotype, which are all contrasted well against the sleek-looking black skateboard decks.

Mind you that Dior will be selling a very limited number of skateboard decks at 700€ for the set of three. The exclusive Dior Homme skateboard decks will be available at the end of December in three Asian countries including Dior ION Orchard at Singapore, Dion BreezeA3 at Taipei and Dior HOD at Seoul, as well as Dior Chadstone at Melbourne, Australia.

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