Ear Free

For the longest time, I’ve been resisting wearing headphones because I really don’t like the feeling of having two huge donuts pressing on my ears (and onto my jaw joint.) Maybe it’s just my weird facial bone structure (?) but it’s really uncomfortable wearing them for more than 10 minutes.

And so I’ve been sticking to earphones, but then I only wear those traditionally-shaped earphones, definitely not the in-ear or earbuds type. The reason: I have dry-type ear wax. Earbuds tend to collect ear wax, and I have to clean the ear wax off the earbuds every time I took them out of my ears. That’s not a good sight, and it’s troublesome. (Do you not have this problem? Or maybe I’m the one producing too much ear wax?)

That’s why the idea of BatBand is brilliant. Truly brilliant.

No donuts. No ear wax. Sound quality aside, the design is pretty stylish and minimalist (although I wish it to be a little slimmer.) More importantly, it solves my problems.

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Batband Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones Ear Free

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