I just realised Kickstarter is a wonderful place full of stylish hidden gems, and just how much I’ve missed before this. (Why nobody told me about them before?!)

First, there was Batband, and now, there’s Aquabook. The team at Aquabook got in touch with us and sent us the above picture.

Aquabook is a reusable book-shaped water bottle made of BPA-free plastics. (BPA is the hazardous chemical that exists in many plastic water bottle and food container.) The idea of these slim, customisable and shatterproof water bottles came from two young German entrepreneurs, Felix Durst and David Ziegler.

Gold edition? Checked. Stylish? Checked. Purposeful? Checked. At the same time, I’ve been using a disposable water bottle as my day-to-day reusable water bottle. (Okay, I know that’s not healthy!) I planned to replace it with a proper bottle but I haven’t seen any stylish bottle design that I like. (Not another sports bottle, please.) That’s how I became the 393rd backer for this project. *cough*

The project is going to end on 11 November BUT it still haven’t reached its funding goal at the moment. No goal means no aquabook. You can back this project to get early-bird prices, or, please back this project because I really want that Gold edition. Haha!

Check out Aquabook on Kickstarter

Aquabook Colors Aquabook

The Aquabook Is Made To Be Used 1 Aquabook

Aquabook Fast Green Aquabook

Aquabook Dapper Grey Aquabook

Aquabook Clean Lucent Aquabook

Aquabook Bold Blue Aquabook

The Aquabook Is Made To Be Used 8 Aquabook

The Aquabook Is Made To Be Used 2 Aquabook

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