Are You A Spornosexual?

7 Signs You Are Spornosexual Are You A Spornosexual?Source: iStock

The first thing you may be wondering is, what on earth is a ‘Spornosexual’ ?

It is definitely not an exotic fungus, and neither is it something more lewd in nature. The term ‘Spornosexual’ is surprisingly very new and only came into being a couple of years ago. If you try and Google the term, you’ll find that it doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia entry yet. The first mention of it is found in the Telegraph, a UK newspaper where writer Mark Simpson coined this new term by combining the words ‘Sports’ and ‘Porn’.

Simpson concluded that a new crop of males had emerged, one that replaced the old generation of Metrosexuals – men who were deeply interested in fashion and appearance. In short, Spornosexuals are men who share a passion for sports and body building.

Rather than clothes or accessories, Spornosexuals tend to regard their bodies as the ultimate expression of themselves and see it as a reflection of their identity. If you’re reading this and thinking, “hey that sounds like me” then you should read on to see if you tick all the boxes on our checklist:

Sign #1: You’re a Gym Bunny

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There’s a high chance you’re a Spornosexual if you’ve made the gym your second home. Not only do you have a membership, but all the trainers there know you by name and you are their personal friend. You don’t feel comfortable if you haven’t visited the gym on a certain day. In fact, you make it a point to visit every day.

Apart from just going to the gym, you’re also into sporting activities associated with body building, like weight lifting and wrestling, as well as any other sporting activities that will improve your physique. You love watching them on TV and the internet, and things like football matches really get you going.

Sign #2: You post selfies of your body

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If you find that your social media accounts are filled with selfies of your workout body, chances are you’re a spornosexual. Let’s face it, while everyone else is busy posting pictures of their vacations, dinners parties or hang out sessions, yours is filled with pictures of yourself, mostly without your top and probably taken while looking at a mirror.

Moreover, you find yourself investing in high tech cameras of smart phones with better cameras, and even go out of your way to procure one with a remote control, so that you can capture yourself at any time of the day, and anywhere in the house.

Sign #3: Your body is your best accessory

7 Signs You Are Spornosexual Muscle Body Are You A Spornosexual?Source:

While metrosexuals spend all their effort dressing up in the latest trends and fashions, spornosexuals actually prefer to walk around with their shirts off. Why? Because their pectorals are their best features. Preferably, they should also be covered in a layer of glistening sweat while at it.

Being shirtless isn’t just a way to express oneself, it’s also a statements of how hard you’ve worked at the gym or at sports to reach a more fit and healthy image. Spornosexuals take pride in how toned their muscles are, and this ultimately ensures that they’re physically in better shape than those who’re not so active.

Sign #4: Your favourite drinks are red bull and protein shakes

Being a spornosexuals means you probably walk around with a sports drink in one hand and a towel in the other. Protein shakes in thermos containers are ubiquitous and always by your side, because protein is exactly what you need to build more muscles.

Additionally, you find yourself diving into a diet that is leaner and healthier, in order to keep the flabbiness away. Instead of pizza and soft drinks, you find yourself eating granola bars and home made chicken pasta for dinner.

Sign #5: You love revealing a little (or tight fitting clothes)

7 Signs You Are Spornosexual Tight Clothing Are You A Spornosexual?Source: Twitter

Plunging necklines aren’t just a thing for the ladies anymore. Spornosexuals tend to keep their fashion sense simple but practical, and of course there’s always the need to reveal a little bit of what they’ve been working so hard to achieve, which is the ultimate masculine body.

This is why Spornosexuals gravitate towards body fitting clothes which gives a glimpse of what’s underneath. Super-slim tailoring, basketball T-shirts and other sporty attire seem to be the order of the day.

Sign #6: You highlight your great bod with tattoos

7 Signs You Are Spornosexual Tattoo Are You A Spornosexual?Source: iStock

What better canvas can you offer a tattoo artist than a buff and fit torso? Spornosexuals love to draw attention to their rippling muscles by filling it with tattoos. Forget all those corny ‘I love mom’ stuff, many Spornosexuals actually work with the best tattoo artists in their neighbourhood to produce real and aesthetically intricate works of art on their bodies.

These tattoos are often strategically placed over the arm and pectorals, just to highlight them to anyone who’s watching. Apart from just tattoos, piercings are another accessory that Spornosexuals love as it gives them that raw manly edge.

Sign #7: Beards are the new ‘in’ thing

7 Signs You Are Spornosexual Muscle Beard Are You A Spornosexual?Source: iStock

Clean shaven, smooth chins are for the past generation of boyish, almost androgynous Metrosexuals who go for a softer, more youthful look. For the Spornosexual, it’s all about being masculine and edgy, hence the growing of beards and other facial hair.

When combined with toned muscles, these features boost your manly image and make you look sexier and more desirable. Plus, it’s not just facial hair that Spornosexuals tend to grow out, but hair on the chest as well, which adds that mysterious air of animalistic appeal.

So, are you a Spornosexual?

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