Exploring Zen-Chic: Men's Top Knot

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I’ve always dreamed about having a top knot.

Top knot makes me feel like I’m Confucius, or maybe a Jedi, or even a Sumo wrestler. In any case, I think men’s top knot is very Zen-chic.

But given my impatient nature, and my fluctuating taste in hairstyle (I’m pretty much a normcore when it comes to hairstyle in this Q3 of 2014), I’ve been having problem committing to keep my hair long enough for the knotting to happen.

There are also other concerns and debates happening internally and also among my fellas:

  1. What if I look like a beggar with a top knot instead of looking like any one of them in the gallery above?
  2. What if the blazing heat killed me during the transition and before my hair become long enough?
  3. What if people mistook me for a painter? My forte is only at drawing Stickman! (false expectation)
  4. I tried to keep long hair once, but I decided to cut it short a few months later because I just couldn’t stand the long hair/fringe keeps falling down. Unless I pin it or do a slicked back
  5. I need to attend meeting at clients’ offices sometimes. They are some serious bunch of people, fellas. They never laughed at my jokes.
  6. I’m already a soft-spoken man with soft features. This Susie Lau signature might not do me no good in the masculinity department.

But today, it was Josep Abril Spring/Summer 2015 runway that reignited this old desire in me.

Men Male Top Knot Hairstyle 1 Josep Abril Ss2015 Exploring Zen Chic: Men's Top KnotJosep Abril SS2015

To that I said to myself once again: YOLO, Max. You Only Live Once. DO IT.

In case I really did it (yahoo!) this is what I’m going to do (and maybe post it up here):

Men Top Knot Challenge Exploring Zen Chic: Men's Top Knot

Giving UP the movie a run for its money.

What do you think of the male top knot anyway? Would you even try it?


  • John

    All my life my hair has been really short. But that doesn fit me any more. I want to have long hair, like most women.
    It will take some patience and a lot of maintenance, but I hope it worth. Than I want to were it on top of my head, in a bun. Yeah! With a pair of earrings. Maybe hoops.
    By the way, I’ve heard that spiritual men also have top knots.