Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish Looks

Undercut Hairstyle 45 Stylish Looks Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish Looks

2015 would be the year faux-hawk officially died. But instead of dying by way of losing sight of it on the street (remember mullets from the 80s?) faux-hawk became a permanent fixture on today’s hairstyle menu, joining the classic league of buzz cuts, side-parted and the Ivy League.

In 2014, undercut hairstyle dethroned faux-hawk and took over the “Most Popular Hairstyle” crown. The request for the “IT” haircut at barber shops and salons continues to grow 6 years after we first spotted (and then embraced) the trend. The natural progression of the trend has given birth to countless permutations of the original style.

Most men can do no wrong with undercut hairstyle, but it does works better on longer face with straight or wavy hair.

How to tell your barber? Our handpicked 45 undercut looks below can double as your “catalogue.” Browse through the looks below and show your favourite one to your barber or hairstylist and he’ll know what to do based on your face shape and hair type.

David Beckham Textured Undercut Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksDavid Beckham’s textured undercut hairstyle seen on Spring 2015 H&M Bodywear campaign. Image: H&M
Undercut Hairstyle Side Swept Pompadour Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksUndercut with side-swept pompadour
Undercut Hairstyle Male Model John Halls In Details Magazine March Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksMale model John Halls spotting undercut in DETAILS magazine, March 2014
Undercut Hairstyle Flat Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksFlat slicked back undercut
Undercut Hairstyle Clean Shaven Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksClean shaven undercut
Undercut Hairstyle By Morris Motley Melbourne Australia Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksUndercut done by Morris Motley Studio in Melbourne, Australia
Undercut Hairstyle Blown Up Pomp Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksUndercut with blown up pomp
Undercut Hairstyle Brit Punk Rock Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksBrit Punk Undercut
Undercut Hairstyle Effortless Messy Styling Undercut Hairstyle: 45 Stylish LooksEffortless messy styling
Federico Rosignoli's undercut styleFederico Rosignoli’s undercut style
Undercut with edgy back stylingUndercut with edgy back styling
Undercut with dishevelled side quiffUndercut with dishevelled side quiff
Undercut with high-and-tight clippingUndercut with high-and-tight clipping
Long bangs undercutLong bangs undercut
Male model Mariano Di Vaio spotting undercutMale model Mariano Di Vaio spotting undercut
Matured man with undercut hairstyleMatured man with undercut hairstyle
Undercut In-the-making: shaving neckline with barber razor.Undercut In-the-making: shaving neckline with barber razor.
Slick side-parted undercutSlick side-parted undercut
Undercut with quiff stylingUndercut with quiff styling
Undercut side and back view: Slin-Fade taperingUndercut side and back view: Slin-Fade tapering
Silver fox Domenico Gianfrate spotting undercutSilver fox Domenico Gianfrate spotting undercut
Mohawk-inspired undercutMohawk-inspired undercut
Undercut with mohawk quiffUndercut with mohawk quiff
On the runway: undercut hairstyle with side swept bangsOn the runway: undercut hairstyle with side swept bangs
Male Model Thomas Davenport spotting UndercutMale Model Thomas Davenport spotting Undercut
Miguel's spotting undercut. (Inspiration for African American)Miguel’s spotting undercut. (Inspiration for African American)
Undercut with side quiffUndercut with side quiff
Side-parted undercut styleSide-parted undercut style
Undercut with medium length topUndercut with medium length top
Undercut for matured men with gray hairUndercut for matured men with gray hair
Undercut with front bangs stylingUndercut with front bangs styling
Undercut with curly bangsUndercut with curly bangs
Clean slicked back undercutClean slicked back undercut
Asian man's undercut with bleached white/purple topAsian man’s undercut with bleached white/purple top
Undercut with hipster dyed topUndercut with hipster dyed top
Blonde undercut with long messy topBlonde undercut with long messy top
Athlete Bryce Harper's undercutAthlete Bryce Harper’s undercut
Undercut + beardUndercut + beard
Undercut with bleached white knotUndercut with bleached white knot
Ginger undercut with tight shaveGinger undercut with tight shave
One cut, 2 styles: Top knot or messy bangsOne cut, 2 styles: Top knot or messy bangs
Undercut with long and textured topUndercut with long and textured top
Undercut with tightly shaven sidesUndercut with tightly shaven sides
Classic slicked back undercutClassic slicked back undercut
Undercut with wavy topUndercut with wavy top
Undercut with classic pompadourUndercut with classic pompadour

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