Suavecito Pomade Review

Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold Suavecito Pomade Review

I’ve been crazy about slick back hair lately, and in my quest on how to create a perfect slick back hair, I stumbled upon pomade.

Pomade is essentially..

  1. Like a wax
  2. But shinier than a wax
  3. Have thicker texture than a gel
  4. Hold stronger than a gel.
  5. Less shiny than a gel

Pomade is perfect when you wanna do slick back hair, and you have really stubborn hair (like me.) Pomade saves me some trouble and time when gel doesn’t have enough holding power I need.

* See also: How to style slicked back undercut

I was planing to buy from the brand Murray’s initially (apparently the brand is quite popular) but then there’s one thing about US-based online store that always let me down: they only ship to US and Canada.

Eventually I found out Suavecito Malaysia from Lowyat forum.

Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold Suavecito Pomade ReviewSuavecito Pomade Strong Hold

Suavecito Pomade is a brand from US and it was brought into Malaysia just recently. If you’d like to see and test the pomade before purchasing, you can head to Maison Hair Studio for a product demo.

They’re currently only having 2 types: Original Hold and Strong Hold.

Knowing my hair, I chose “Strong Hold”.

Suavecito Pomade Strong Side Suavecito Pomade Review

Suavecito Pomade Product Details Suavecito Pomade ReviewLe Ingredients

The inside of a Suavecito Pomade:

Suavecito Pomade Texture Suavecito Pomade Review

Pomade Texture Closeup Suavecito Pomade ReviewClose-up of Pomade. Like translucent gel.

My Review

I really like Suavecito Pomade. It works really well with my hair. It smells like soap but it’s still pleasant. It is also reasonably priced. (A “Strong Hold” pomade for RM 54)

Compared to some wax or gel, Suavecito Pomade is easier to wash off. This is very important because I really can’t take products that make me feel oily even after I’ve washed my hair.

I’d recommend this product if you’re looking for a better hair styling product option. 🙂

If you’d like to order, head over to Suavecito Malaysia and submit your order there.

Hope you enjoy this post.

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  • Alex

    Sweet hairstyle.. is there a more detailed way or tutorial to style your hair that way??

    • Probably will do a tutorial in the future! 🙂

  • Lopayn

    Agreed.. I want to learn how to make that hairstyle as well…

  • Levi

    Yes tutorial please!!!

    BTW loving the your blog!

  • Lix

    What cool demo! Thanks for the info.

  • Hayden Chan

    Awesome! have been thinking of changing my wax to another brand for ages. It is great that it is easy to be wash away. i had tones of trouble washing away my max.

    Thanks for the recommendation. gonna get one real soon 😉
    definitely gonna look around your blog for fashion inspiration wear for me.
    Have a great day ahead and keep up the great work!

    author of

    • You’re welcome. Please take note that Suavecito is water-based so that’s why it’s easier to wash off ☺

  • Evoangel

    Hey Max! Im from LYN forum and Suavecito Malaysia here. Didnt knew you had a review on the product until my friend showed me. Great job there buddy!

    Hope you enjoy using the product. =)

    • Hello & thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Greg Dishkin

    Excellent! Also, where did you buy your shirt?

  • ND

    Does the original one hold well too?

  • Sergio

    Can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how you do your hair?

  • Kira

    does this product consider greasy and oily or very greasy and very oily?

  • wee

    Great post. Really helpful. Definetely gonna buy this pompade.

  • Rima Amir Mohamad

    hey! i was wondering if this pomade works on wavy hairs? my hair waves and frizz like hell.. its so ugly. planning to buy this.. does this thing really does the work?

  • KelvinLim

    where can I get the suavecito pomade ?