Very Classy: Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hair Crop Men 1 Very Classy: Slicked Back Hairstyle

After its revival by the critically acclaimed drama Mad Men in 2009, the classic slicked back hairstyle continues to become a favourite among the fashion-conscious. 

Mad Men Slick Back Hair Casts Very Classy: Slicked Back Hairstyle“Mad Men” Casts

My late grandfather was a fan of this hairstyle. Even though not having that much of hair left later in his life, he still wore the same hairdo everyday. I still vividly remember the silhouette of him standing in front of the washroom’s mirror every morning, styling his side-parted slicked-back with Brylcreem and a fine tooth comb.

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Slicked Back Hair Crop Men Very Classy: Slicked Back Hairstyle

Elvis Presley Comb Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleElvis’ combing his hair

I loathed this hairstyle back when I was younger. I labeled it as “Old Men Hairstyle” because I thought it was so old-fashioned and unpopular in the mohawk and spiky-hair dominated culture in Malaysia.

But, I love this timeless classic now, and it’s very inspiring to see it appears on more and more men, especially on celebrities, runway and the fashionable men on the Internet.

Here’s a gallery of various slicked-back hairstyles. I hope it’ll inspire you.

Slicked Back Hairstyle Trend Men Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleSlicked Back on model Jimmy Q (James Edward Quaintance)
Slicked Back Hair Suit Men Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleMen in suit, and a slicked back
Side Parted Slick Back Model Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleSlicked-back on runway models
Silver Slicked Back Hair Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleSlicked Back: Silver Hair version
Slick Back Jack Olaf Blecker Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleJack by photographer Olaf Blecker
Slick Back Runway Model Gaetano Navarra Very Classy: Slicked Back HairstyleSlicked Back on Gaetano Navarra runway
Nick WoosterNick Wooster
Model Adam SeanModel Adam Sean
Slicked Back. Model Carlos PetersSlicked Back. Model Carlos Peters

Full Slicked Back Hair

Clean Slick Back Side-PartedClean Slick Back Side-Parted
Robert Pattinson Slick Back HairRobert Pattinson Slick Back Hair
Antonio by The SartorialistAntonio by The Sartorialist
Rocker's Slick Back HairRocker’s Slick Back Hair
Dark Blond Slick BackDark Blond Slick Back
David Beckham Slicked Back HairDavid Beckham Slicked Back Hair
Zachary Quinto with Slicked Back HairZachary Quinto with Slicked Back Hair
Tom Brady's Slicked Back HairTom Brady’s Slicked Back Hair
Alexander SkarsgardAlexander Skarsgard
Model Daisuke Ueda Slick HairModel Daisuke Ueda Slick Hair

Hope you enjoyed the post.


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