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We’ve talked about trends, how to dress better, perfume and even eyebrows – but I hardly mentioned about facial skincare.

The fact is, I hardly pay enough attention to my skin. Ahem.

As much as I love clothes and accessories, preserving a perfect skin usually slides down to the bottom of the priority list. Not that I’ve been using soap to wash my face (well, I’ve actually done that for awhile in the past and it felt as if my face was wearing spandex 24/7 aha) but speaking of skincare history, I’ve fiddled with a few brands off-the-rack, and eventually stopped at two very mild products: Cetaphil and Hada-labo. (Ya’ see, very low maintenance.)

Of course, it does mitigate my shiny skin problem but it does not solve it. A perfect skin comes at a price – not the financial one but the consistent hardwork: take ample sleep, eat healthy diet, consistent regime with the right products, workout and etc –  you know what? Simple-things-that-seem-impossible (at least for me). Things can get pretty crazy due to the feast-or-famine nature of freelance web projects.

So I gave up, thinking that I shall just make peace with my sleep deprivation and overly-active oil glands, thanks to oil control film. I know my face can be (and should be) healthier, but I’ve gotten accustomed to my own expectation: as long as I look sublime ok from a general distance, and on pictures.

That’s why I got a creepy feeling when Dr Jason inspected my face closely in his clinic –
Can you hide anything from someone who is an expert in Aesthetic Medicine other than embarrassingly laughing it off with a joke about the fox? Probably not. Leaking oil tank might need a fix. Hmm.

Dr Jason Yip is the very kind resident physician at DRx Clinic located in Sri Hartamas. We have recently made a visit to this renowned medical aesthetic clinic originated from Singapore.

Drx Clinic Malaysia Branch Hartamas Skincare & DRx Clinic MalaysiaDRx Clinic Malaysia Branch @ Sri Hartamas

Drx Clinic Hartamas Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Drx Clinic Reception Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Drx Clinic Press Awards Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Beauty Insider Jason Yip Drx Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Drx Nan Yang Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Drx Bazaar Beauty Award Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Drx Clinic Botox Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

Considering how many people (both men and women) are holding on to the trial-and-error method when it comes to skincare products and brands (cue: me), a group of dermatologists and doctors got together and decided to create a brand that address skincare problem as professionally as that of an endocrinologist – detailed consultation, monitoring and medical-level prescription that acts directly to your problem.

Derma-Rx  is the medical-level product range created for this purpose. And as per the above picture – yes, DRx also provide Botox injection. (Don’t worry if you or your lady is going down the filler route as DRx is the first ISO 9000/2001 certified medical aesthetic clinic.)

Drx Clinic Blemish Formula Comedone Skincare & DRx Clinic Malaysia

DRx Sunscreen Eye Cream

DRx Clinic Interior

JocelynJocelyn from DRx Singapore.



I was prescribed with a series of 5 products (from cleanser to sun-screen) and it’s not yet a full week into the treatment. In terms of pricing, I think it’s reasonable when you’re given a real doctor’s consultant and a personalised regime. (In other words, you can’t simply ask the next person to use the same products and follow your prescribed regime to get the same result.)

The next appointment will be 3 to 4 weeks from the first visit. Not very sure how my face will react to the products yet, but cheers to healthy skin!

drx-clinic-how-to-use-stepsA very thoughtful user guide. Morning and night regime.




drx-product-rangeComplementary by DRx Clinic



If you’re keen to give it a shot:

N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) – 6201 3088
Fax : (603) – 6201 6033
Mon to Fri : 10am to 7pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


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