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Quiff  hairstyle has always been my go-to transitional solution whenever my hair starts to grow out of the original shape, before my haircut appointment. Its resemblance to mohawk + pompadour makes it an excellent choice as it strikes the perfect balance between the two extreme ends. 

From my experience, you can create quiff from almost any hairstyle you’re currently wearing (unless you’re talking about crew cut or cornrows) and I think it works for almost every men.

The best part is that there are different variations of quiff that you can create – you can do the classic rockability quiff, short quiff, messy quiff, curly quiff, side-leaning quiff and etc. We can get creative, but I’ll make sure I don’t look like a unicorn. Ha!

Here’s a gallery of inspiration:

David Beckham Quiff Quiff Hairstyles

Edward Hair Quiff Quiff Hairstyles

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Men Hair Quiff Style Quiff Hairstyles

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Quiff Hair Men Style

Quiff & Mustache

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Quiff Hairstyle 2013

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Quiff Men Hair Messy

Quiff Top Hair

Retro Quiff Hair Tattoo Men

Rock Quiff Men Style

What do you normally do with your hair when it starts to grow too long from the original?

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  • Keith

    Looking good on you. Do you use hairdryer to get such volume? My hair is getting dry due to hairdryer usage everyday.
    Any suggestion what’s the good hair pomade/wax to fix this type of hair? The wax that i bought usually too soft or too sticky for my hair. If i’m not wearing any hair wax, my hair always not in place anymore after working whole day. Hana

    • Yes I use hairdryer. Well I don’t really think about dry hair problem haha.

      But I learned that blow-drying is really important for stubborn hair. You must blow and shape your hair into the direction/shape you want BEFORE you style your hair.

      So if you want your hair to go “up” or to the “left”, then you have to blow it in that direction. If you want to have some curls, then you can twist it a little when blow-drying. Without blow drying, hair product alone cannot hold the shape enough for whole day (unless you apply really a lot). If you style your hair when it’s still wet (even a little), most probably it won’t stay until lunch. Hmm…

      I use wax that I bought from a local salon and it’s a random brand called Rizo’s Power Molding Clay. I love it.

      Hair spray is also very helpful. I normally apply extra-holding power hair spray after styling my hair with clay.

      That sounds like a lot of works right hehehe

      • Keith

        yeah! I spent 10 minutes everyday just to style my hair. huhu.
        thanx for the clay suggestion. will try to look for it later 🙂

  • Long

    Hi Max, wondering where can I go to get the quiff done. A good place who know how to do it properly. Tq

  • Charlotte

    hot damn!

  • Mike

    can you make a tutorial on how to do this quiff hairstyles ?