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It’s Day 6 of Movember and I’m already tired of trimming my moustache. (Kidding)

If you’re not quite sure why there are significantly more moustaches sprouting around you, you might have not heard of Movember.

Moustache + November = Movember!

Movember is a month-long charity event where Mo Bros (the participating men) grow fancy moustache, as a way to raise awareness remind the other men to pay more attention to their health issues – especially those related to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Started by 2 men in Australia in 2003, Movember is now happening in more than 20 countries and the donation has gone up to 92 millions pounds (yes, you can donate to Movember Foundation while growing your moustache. Each country’s Movember funding will go to the respective charity organisation.)

No other perfect timing than this to try a different look:

Maxmayo Moustache Photoshop Web Movember & Moustache** The moustache is obviously PHOTOSHOP-ED. Haha!

* See also: Style Inspiration: Stubble & Beard

If you’re joining (or thinking of joining) the Movember movement, here’s a gallery of moustaches for your inspiration.

Now, did the fake moustache ruin the picture or should I really grow one?

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